Monday, December 19, 2011

kringle is a great word

sweater: TJ Maxx, leggings: Target, necklace: Anthropologie, boots: BCBG

i just love saying "kris kringle" because i like the way it sounds. and i liked when i used to believe in Santa. before that one year i asked him for a bell from one of the reindeer's harnesses a la polar express. and on Christmas morning, all the presents were opened...and no bell. then my Dad reached under the tree and exclaimed, "L! look! one more present!" and it was a small box with my name on it in my Dad's handwriting. a week later i found a 4-pack of bells opened with one missing. everyone knows the heartbreaking moment when they stopped believing. it's so sad. 


omg! i'm back! i promise. for realsies. except maybe i might not blog very often while i'm vacationing in Hawaii next week. wheeeeeeee! unless you would like to see some frighteningly white skin. i can provide that no problem.

ok. so this picture was taken in our new house! and that is the bookshelf my dad refinished for me. isn't it lovely? except the very bottom shelf with all the cords. we love our house. it is tiny and cute and the perfect size. and there is an off-leash dog beach 3 miles from us! Cleo adores it. and it's so pretty. 

i unpacked the last wretched box today. it felt amazing. everything has a place now. except for my clothes. the thing about little houses built in the 40s is that people of the 40s only must have owned 1 pair of pants and 3 shirts. because that's all the fits in the closets. and i've already gotten rid of 8 garbage bags! i'm down to the bare minimum. so i have found all sorts of little places around the house to put my clothes. underwears in the linen closet, shoes in the coat closet, skirts under the bed, socks in the desk drawer, etc. it's like a scavenger hunt every time i get dressed. 

so we moved in last Monday. and on Tuesday morning when i took Miss Cle out for a tinkle, i locked my own self out. and so immediately i sat down on my porch and cried. because my phone and one set of keys to the house were both sitting inside. and JJ was at work. and i just felt so pitiful. then i got this wild hair and decided i was going to do this. i was going to solve the problem. so i narrowed it down to two options: 1. throw a rock at the back glass door, and 2. break the screen off one of the windows and pray that it would be unlocked. i figured option 2 would cause the least amount of damage. so that's what i did. i became the Incredible Hulk and bent the screen down the middle and threw it aside. the window was unlocked! what luck! then i scaled the side of the house and tossed my dog in before jumping through myself. and i landed on a glass of water and it broke. just so unfortunate. then i made myself one and half cheese sandwiches as a reward for getting in. 

the great news is: I FINISHED MY CHRISTMAS SHOPPING TODAY! i am so happy it's done. done done done. no more. we leave for CA on Thursday morning to spend Christmas with JJ's family. then on the 26th i am flitting off to Hawaii to meet my family for some fun and sun! (that was the stupidest sentence i have ever written. i mean how cliche could that have been? "fun and sun!") Cleo is coming to CA with us, but she and JJ aren't going to Hawaii. so sad. he has to work. so JJ will be That Guy in the airport with a tiny white dog as his carry-on. hahahahahhahahahaaa.


  1. WELCOME BAAAACK! how are your legs 15 miles long?? are you doing a house tour? is a cheese sandwich the same thing as a grilled cheese sandwich?

  2. Yay! You look ador, L. Love the shelf.

  3. Your Daddy has become the refinisher par excelance! Good for the Boopster!

  4. Time for your first dinner party!! Then it will really feel like home :)

  5. You're back and better than ever! Is the shelf replacement for the old deck + flamingo background? Can't wait to see the new digs- I'm sure it's fabulous :)

  6. i want your necklace!!! i am happy you're back - i missed cracking up while reading your blog at work!


  7. L - I don't even know you, but I happened upon your blog one day and you just make me laugh like no other...I too have locked myself out of my house, cried about it, and then removed a screen to get inside, poor thing - I just hate that...

  8. Yay so glad your back to blogging! :)


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