Thursday, December 22, 2011

moths and holey socks

trench: Nordstrom Rack, scarf: Urban, tights: Betsey Johnson, boots: BCBG
see that space between the fence and the ground?? Cleo can fit in that space. damn. she is such an escape artist. we need to get some chicken wire to barricade her in. coincidentally, our neighbors have chickens. and like, they just live in a shed. even when it's cold. i feel bad for those chickens. Cleo loves them. she never barks at them. just stands over by the fence and watches them.

we are en route to California Christmas! last night Cleo got a bath, and i got a moth on my sandwich. really. a moth landed on my sandwich and i almost ate it. i went to take a bite and thought in my head "wait a minute WHAT WAS THAT GIANT BLACK THING?!?!" and yanked it away from my mouth. it made my heart jump. but the thing is, after i flicked the moth off, i still ate the sandwich. i probably ate its eggs and now have baby moths hatching in my intestines.

i packed a king size package of christmas peanut m&ms in my carry-on. is that fat of me? i also packed the giant, Bible-sized book Pillars of the Earth to read in Hawaii because my sister CA and Dad say it's the best book ever. all i can say is that shit better be worth it. because it weighs more than Cleo and i'm annyoingly lugging it all around with me. 
if you're traveling like us today...then happy travels. and i hope you don't have holes in your socks. because it's so embarrassing to have holes in your socks while going through security in the airport.


  1. I want to see the outfit UNDER the coat! Come on girlfran!

  2. I watched the HBO special of pillars of the earth and it was way good and followed the book! I just dont have time to read anymore :)

  3. LOVE the pic lady. That background is whitewash fabulous. :)

  4. Leila: wearing nothing but the tights!!!

  5. i've never heard of this book. if it's as big as the bible, i would be super annoyed lugging that around with me. you should have packed more peanut M&Ms instead?


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