Monday, December 5, 2011

this makes my day

i don't know if you tuned into abc family this weekend buuuuuut....

there was a giant harry potter marathon going on. Dad, sister MM, (JJ for some of it) and i watched 1-6. and tonight we are tackling 7 part 1 and tmrw night we'll finish with a bang and do 7 part 2.

we had a nice long deep conversation about Snape after finishing 6 last night. poor, poor Severus Snape. we all cried out and screamed when the dead soul's hand reached up out of the water and grabbed Harry's hand, and all had a glistening tear in our eye as Dumblebore (or as Dad calls him "Dumbledorf") died. and then MM sent me a link to all things Harry Potter humor and i died at Snape bringing Voldemort tacos. hilarious.

i miss the thrill of anticipating the release of the next HP book. such wonderful stories they are.

i remember our family was listening to HP on tape in the car on a road trip. i was 15 and had just gotten my permit and my Mom said i could drive for a while (thrilling at age 15. now i hate to drive). anyway, while i was driving we got to the part in the book where the reader is informed about hippogriff and how one must bow to it while maintaining eye contact, in order to earn the magical creature's respect. i was entranced by the story and wanted to become a part of it, so naturally i bowed just as Harry did. only my Mom didn't think i was bowing to the imaginary hypogriff. she screamed and said "WAKE UP L! WAKE UP!" she thought i was falling asleep at the wheel. so dramatic.

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  1. My dad calls Dumbledore, "Dumbledork". Why are dads so weird sometimes?


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