Tuesday, December 20, 2011

what's on L's phone?!

intolerant professor of the arts. that's what she looks like.

i took a nap in my parents room one day. and when i woke up it was like a zoo. all 4 animals of the house were in the room with me hahahahhh. can you spot them??

cheat sheet.

Cleo's legs look supermodelishly long here. 

a packed car on the way to the new house. srsly when i opened the doors things flew out. Cleo wasn't happy to share her bed with a present. 

moving day! the lovely refinished hardwood floors are delightful. and much more appreciated when they are paid for out of your very own savings account. 

our Christmas present from JJ's parents. i love them. which makes me sound like a 50s housewife. but really. i love them. they make the lovliest chime sound when the cycle is finished. so charming and pleasant. 

Cleo's bay window. 

we battled. JJ won. TV on top of the fireplace mantle. *shudder* and that's my Dad on the left. hehehe and my Grandma made that Christmas bear. he's cute. JJ makes fun of his vest. but i like his vest.

i told JJ the first boxes to be unpacked will be the Christmas boxes. the Christmas tree and the pandora Christmas stations have made unpacking so much more bearable. 

the dog beach! if it wasn't for Cleo, this would look like the cover of a Stephen King novel, no? JJ looking all pensive, possibly regretful while staring off into the ocean...

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  1. hold the bus....Is that a LG-front load washer/dryer. I have those and they rock my world. The chimes make you feel so accomplished.

    Love the pets on the bed. awesome. (I only missed Chanel)


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