Monday, February 28, 2011

Cesar Chavez

dress: Lush, socks: Nord, boots: BCBG, sweater: Macy's

LOL- Cleo on the lookout. this pic is dark so sorry, but it was the best one. you should see the outtakes. i srsly look APPALLING.

on the way to work this morning i saw a dead orange cat on the road. it was so sad and really gross. i felt sick. then later i was driving with my legs while i fixed my ponytail and the ponytail holder flung out of my hand and fell on the ground on the passenger side. i had to drive WHILE searching for the ponytail holder. it was quite dangerous. and THEN when i got to work, i went in the bathroom to tinkle. when i was finished and washing my hands i was like OMFG L C'MON!!!! i was totes nippin out. i guess i should have worn a real bra instead of a training bra. but seriously. i hope that this group of 3 bad things happening is the end. bc bad days are NOT COOL and also NOT WELCOME.

on another note, i ordered gonzaga sweatshirts for me and JJ for this weekend. BECAUSE WE ARE GOING TO VEGASSSS for the wcc basketball tournament. i'm in a difficult position on trips like these because i'm married. you see, my gal pals from college are all unattached and got a fabulous room to share at the Cosmopolitan. so it's not like me and JJ could room with them. AWKWAAAARD. and Rah and Nebular are going too, but they are rooming with Rah's parents. can't stay with them either. so you can see that we were in a pickle. SO, JJ thought he would solve the problem on his own. MEANING HE BOOKED US A ROOM AT THE TROPICANA. WITH HIS FRIEND PLOU. therefore, i am staying at a scroungy hotel (did i just make that word up? i feel that it describes the tropicana perfectly: SK-ROWN-GEE adj. "crummy, trashy, looking like a Golden Girls themed room, smelling of old macaroni and stale armpit sweat.") so there you have it. i'm sharing a scroungy room with two men. how did i lose? HOW?!?!

i also learned today that we get March 25 off work. because it is "Cesar Chavez Holiday" wtf? i asked about this and my coworkers said that the school is trying to be more diverse. so instead of getting Lincoln or Washington's birthday off, we get Cesar Chavez. LOL. but hey, A DAY OFF IS A DAY OFF! i salute you, Cesar. thnx man.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

sundays with the hungover housewife

presenting...the new weekly installment! (there will actually be one more installment starting tuesday!) as you know, i'm a bit piss poor at domestic duties. so i thought i'd let you all into my home to show you what life is like as the Hungover Housewife:

there once was a housewife named L. she used to think cleaning was Hell.
to make her life fine, she added some wine,
and thus her torment was quelled.

see L clean. see L scrub counter. see L multitask while cleaning.

see L drink wine while cleaning. see L smile very brightly while cleaning. see L being top notch dog mom while cleaning.

see L make cleaning fun: tap dancing in slippers *tap*tap*

see L acknowledge the sound of the completed dishwasher cycle >beep<
see L get irritated because of extra-tough spot on counter. scrub harder, L! --scrub--scrub--
button-down pajama shirt: VS, robe: TJ Maxx, Uggs, wine: Fresh & Easy $1.99

tune in next sunday for more adventures in domesticity with the Hungover Housewife!

Friday, February 25, 2011

we are SO LA

jeans: Joe's Jeans, top: J.Crew, sweater: BCBG, mary janes: Target, belt: F21, scarf: gift from Rah

good morning friends. i'll just lean casually against my fireplace mantle and consequently look like a large idiot.

but that's my favorite pink chair. i just adore it.

it's pouring rain outside. POURING. like c'mon! we live in californiaaaaaaaa gimmie some sunnnnn!

confession: i was late to work this morning because i stopped at McDonald's to shove an egg and cheese biscuit and a hashbrown down my hatch. WHOOPS. i mean, sometimes it has to be done.

this morning was a morning in which i felt as thought i had nothing to wear. even though i have plenty to wear. today i wanted to wear my pink petticoat and my new skull tee. but i can't just waltz into work wearing that. so i wore this outfit. nothing too creative. just a little cute. that's also conservative and appropriate for work (DID YOU KNOW EVERYONE WEARS JEANS ON FRIDAY?! SO THRILLED)

today i put my pandora on "90s" and have literally been ROCKIN OUT to gems like:

1. DON'T SPEAK no doubt
2. SAVE TONIGHT eagle-eye cherry
3. ONE WEEK barenaked ladies
4. JUMPER third eye blind

i mean HOW JEALOUS ARE YOU RIGHT NOW!? i even stood up and used an air microphone during one chorus of don't speak, because Gwen is the greatest, obviously. thank GOD my office is a nook/cave so no one can see me.

tonight we are going to LA. which is a big deal. because usually on fridays we are home and cozy. but tonight my good friend Curly Tyler's band is performing. at 11 p.m. no less. so JJ and i are going to be cool. REALLY COOL. we are going to put on our cardigans and grab our canes and head on over to Westwood for dinner and then going to the Room 5 Lounge to watch Curly Tyler and his band play. we are SO LA.

the work study student working in the office today has wet hair and is hunched over his desk looking miserable. and he smells of stale liquor and sweat. ah, college.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Cleopatra's Cupcake

my mom bought her grandpuppy a doggie cupcake last weekend. i had to document the little princess while she enjoyed her treat. she's the cutest dog ever in the whole world. eeeeee!!!

the cupcake!

little sniffs to make sure it's legit.

so thrilled she doesn't even know what to do. i love this one because she looks like a show pony prancing around on the couch. LOL

get it.

crunchin' tough. look at her teeeeth hahahaha

no crumb gets left behind

lickin' chops. DELISH!

awk in the office

dress: i heart ronson, tights: stolen from mother-in-law, socks: Rodarte for Targie, shoes: Vera Wang for Kohl's

i was running latex10000000 this morning. sooo....PRESENTING MY OFFICE NOOK!! and let me tell you how awkward i was taking these pics: MORE THAN YOU WILL EVER KNOW. i took them on my lunch break and i had to turn the sound off my camera so that people wouldn't think i was some sort of self-obsessed humor fashion blogger or some shiz. i shut my blinds and i silently took like 8 shots and literally THREE seconds after i was finished, someone came to my desk. he saw me looking at my camera and he got all weird like, "oh, i, uh...are you on your lunch break? i...justprintedthisoutforyou" and threw a piece of paper in my face before fast-walking away from me. he is a strange man to begin with. i don't even want to think about what would have transpired if he had caught me taking those pics. ---AND OH SHIT HE JUST CAME BACK TO MY DESK. i mean really guy, like, give a girl some time to blog on her lunch break. ghoddddd.

i'm fluffing my hair is 2/3 shots because my hair is driving me bananas. srsly. SO ANNOYED because i need to get it done sooooo bad. it feels so flat and dullllll. OH GUESS WHAT?! I HAVE A HAIR APPT RIGHT AFTER WORK. BOOM. she's a brand new girl, the gals at work recommended her. but...all the gals at work have dark hair. i'm praying my hardest to The Virgin M that she can do blonde.

can't wait to watch all the goodness of thursday night television. also, have been looking HIGH AND LOW for black paper bag waist trousers. CAN'T FIND THEM ANYWHERE UNLESS I WANT BRIGHT YELLOW ONES.

PS have you seen Moon's fashion blog? it's very edgy and crazy--just like her. AND she's doing a GIVEAWAY! a piece of jewelry that she made all by herself. good stuff. give her some love.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

JJ in his bathrobe

skinny cords: Gap, top: Michael Kors, cardigan: Frenchi, belt: forever21, grey booties: some clearance rack at a store in Arizona. can't rmbr.

rmbr what i wore yesterday? those polka-dotted tights? OK well when i got home that night and took off my clothes to put sweats on...i realized that i was wearing a polka-dotted bra and polka-dotted undies too. hahahahhaa isn't that HILAR?! i guess i was feeling polka-dotty yesterday!!

this morning JJ got realllllly extra mad at me when taking outfit pics because he was in his bathrobe (that's giant and blue and fluffy and hilarious) and i made him walk all the way downstairs. a maintenance man caught us in the middle of our little photoshoot and JJ acted like we were shooting a porno and got all fudging embarrassed and got all dad-scold-y and said, "that's it--NO MORE PICS IN THE MIDDLE OF THE APARTMENT COMPLEX, L! I AM IN MY BATHROBE!" and i laughed at him and said "you're just embarrassed because the maintenance man caught you in your bathrobe. DON'T BE AN ASSHOLIO!!! " and JJ was like "L, THIS IS NUTS! I HAVE TO WALK OUTSIDE BAREFOOT EVERY SINGLE DAY TO TAKE THESE DAMN PICTURES" and i was like "IT'S YOUR OWN FAULT THAT YOU DON'T WEAR SHOES. YOU ARE GOING TO TAKE MY PICTURES AND THAT'S THAT." and you know what's funny? Cleo always takes my side. whenever JJ and i are angry with each other Cleo runs by me and under the bed. which always makes JJ feel really bad and he goes under there and apologizes to her until she comes back out. which in the end, diffuses the angry situation altogether. hah.

last night after work we had chronic tacos with Doo and her bf (who is JJ's coworker) Milly. let me clarify: no, we did not have tacos filled with marijuana. there's a real place here called chronic tacos that is very q'doba-esque. and we love it. burritos the size of Cleo and DELISH SAUCE OMG. JJ bought us some beer and we ate our food on the white couches and chatted about life. Doo and i drank 3 bud light limes (don't judge. they're good) each and i literally passed out at 8:15 p.m. right after they left. i woke up wearing nothing but the shirt JJ wore on monday (???) ghodddd, you'd think i had consumed an entire half gallon of captain mo, but NO, just three bud light limes. whaddaloser.

tonight JJ is going to the kings and i'm going to spend my evening watching TV. JJ said he was going to come home before the game to bring me a surprise dinner and i'm crossing my fingers and hoping that it's Taco Bell. please oh please oh please.

going to TJ Maxx on my lunch break. wish me some happy shopping dealz.

stay fresh peeps.

ps i'm ashamed that most of my readers are Bieber-haters. ASHAMED.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

crazy beeeetch

dress: American Eagle, tee: Target, tights: Kate Spade, t-strap heels: Italy

JJ laughed made fun of me when taking this pic. i was super duper hyper this morning because i found my favorite panda bear mini mug and JJ made me coffee to put in said mug and i sucked it down in like .3 seconds. coffee coffee coffeeeee i heart coffee. and i'm feeling tres 60s mod today. and i love being crazy.

the worst: living in a tiny one bedroom ONE BATHROOM apartment. this morning when i was taking a nice long desperately needed shower, JJ came in and took a dump at the same time. i screamed at him "YOU GIANT ASSHOLE! I AM SHOWERINGGGG EWWWW YOU STINKKK" and he said all patronizingly, "OH, I'M SOOOO SORRRRRY L, I SHOULD HAVE USED OUR OTHER BATHROOM" (which of course doesn't exist). it was the most disgusting brutal shower of my life. all the steam trapping the stench and making me gag. awful. and i'll tell you the truth: you aren't really honestly married until you are taking a shower while your husband is shitting in the same bathroom.

but other than that, today has been swell! just pumpin out graduation packets. i have about 96 paper cuts, but overall, it's a job well done.

my next endeavor after lunch will be to wrestle with the printer until it spits out what i want it to.

my dove heart chocolate said "hug someone today" so i think i'll go do that.

farts & kisses,

(Moon thinks i should sign off every blog with "farts & kisses")

Monday, February 21, 2011

arm up

dress: $3 clearance rack at TJ Maxx, tights: stolen from my mother-in-law, socks: TJ Maxx, boots: BCBG, coat: Velvet Heart, sunglasses: Gucci

ARM UP! that's my signature "i've-had-a-coupla-drinks" move, did you know that about me?

today was my parents' last day in town :'-( and i still cry every time they leave. wahhhhh. i'm such a wittle baybee.

they came again and had lunch with me on my lunch break--and even JJ came too! because everyone else on the planet had the day off today except me. poor ol L. my dad loved the sandwich he had for lunch on friday so we went to the same place--hahaha!! and then i had to hug them goodbye and go back to work and i cried a little behind my sunglasses. it's so depressing when they leave.

BUT do you want to know something that isn't depressing?!?! i spent some money from my first paycheck to buy a light pink petticoat that i've been dying for. and it came in the mail on saturday and i'm obsessed. it's the cutest thing i think i have ever ever ever EVER owned. and i'm already thinking of a million ways to style it. can't wait to show you peeeepz.

OK and this is horrid: there is only one bathroom for an entire office of people to share. and there is a 12 o'clock pooper who really kills me. right after lunch when i have to pee, the 12 o'clock pooper has usually come and gone, and i have to endure the stink while i pee real quick before i can GTFOOT. but i can't get mad bc i poo at work too. i haven't figured out who the 12 o'clock pooper is yet, but i can tell you this: he/she likes meat. because the stench has a meaty flavor to it.

my mom & dad are better than yours

jeans: J Brand, top: H&M, belt: TJ Maxx, wedges: Cynthia Vincent for Target, bag: Badgley Mischka, sunglasses: Gucci

my mom and dad are better than yours. wanna know why?


we went on saturday to the Land of Disney, California Adventure. it was so much fun (as usual) and guess what? i wore rainboots because it rained soooo I DIDN'T EVEN HAVE TO BUY NEW SOCKS! pat on back, self. (*note: this pride was short lived...)

not posting an outfit pic of disney--it's pretty predictable though, you know, nerdy and conventional with my fave j.crew elephant rain boots. the outfit i posted is what i wore on sunday.

sunday we went to pasadena to bum around and shop and GO TO THE BEST PLACE EVER IN LIFE. Rah and Nebular recommended it to us. it's a movie theater. that serves food and drinks. THAT HAS GIANT FLUFFY RECLINER CHAIRS. i mean, i have never been more perfect. (actually....i could have been happier if i had been wearing sweats) it was soooo wonderful. a real life experience that every person needs to try before death. honestly, it's amazing.

*after the movie my mom wanted to go see this old house that's famous and take a tour. well it was a mile walk and i was wearing tall ass wedges. so before i even had a change to complain, JJ and my parents shoved me into the nearest store to buy me sandals. so JJ bought me some sandals. and when i put them on i practically puked. they were just hideous. and uncomfortable. so i had JJ return them and the girl behind the counter was REAL annoyed because she cut the tags off for me. whoopsie. JJ called me high maintenance and i stuck it out and wore my wedges. i rolled my ankle 3 times and have the most enormous blister. when i got home i shoved my feet into my uggs and felt instant relief. when will i learn to just keep a pair of comfortable shoes in my purse??

Friday, February 18, 2011

embarr outfit

leggings: Targs, top: embarr store, faux fur vest: embarr store, belt: forever21, socks: Targs, boots: BCBG, dog: newspaper ad

this outfit is embarr because i bought the shirt and'tsayit....OKFINE...RAVE. YES, i bought BOTH at Rave. just please. once in college i wore that vest and the girl sitting behind me in class was like "i'm obsessed with that vest, where did you get it!?" and i panicked, "oh, i. um....i can't remember, i think Nordstrom Rack..." and the bitch yanked me towards her and checked my tag. i thought i'd die of embarrassment. she like shouted to the whole class "NO! YOU GOT IT AT RAVE! OMG I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU GOT SOMETHING CUTE AT RAVE!" and i was like SRSLY BITCH--YOU IS PISSIN ME OFF (LoLcat talk....get it?)

so that's the story. but the thing is: Rave has some good stuff. there, i said it. cheap as the dickens. i have jeans from there that i love too. and, (sorry Rah gotta throw you under the bus here) Rah shops there too sometimes. SO THERE. go there and check it out for yourself. LJ--do you rmbr going there during the 7th grade science fair (when my project was entitled "finding the dioptric power of convex lenses, determining their focal length using laser light" ?? who was i kidding by the way? uncle bud was SO thrilled to do the project for me...) and we bought matching jammies at rave? mine were pink and yours were blue--they had clouds on them LOLOLOLOL and were like 300% flammable. hahahah

tangent. sorry.

my mommy and daddy and CA are HEREEEEEEE i'm just so thrilled to bits. yes yes yesssss! they are coming at 1 with Cle to see my new office and meet my coworkers. yes! also, my mom told me last night that she's tired of the shitty quality of my outfit pics. SO FINE. i took the nice camera out this morning and it was a giant pain in my ass and JJ was tres annoyed. but she's right--they do look better. WAY better.

we went to dinner and barnes and noble last night. i got a book entitled "quarter-life crisis" because i feel like maybe i might be going to have one. i also purchased a day-to-day calendar themed 20th century fashion for $2. SALE CALENDARS PEOPLE, I'M TELLING YOU. and my Dad performed his 2 signature moves already: tripped me when when i least expected it and farted while i was standing downwind from him. classic.

a couple things happened to me this morning that i don't understand. first is a little TMI but i'm writing it anything: i spent 20 minutes on the toilet this morning and i was dying laughing at myself. because of the sounds. IT WAS LIKE A SYMPHONY!!! unreal.

second is that i clean my ears every time i get out of the shower. but for some reason, like once a year, i'll stick my finger in my ear to itch it and out comes the MOST GIANT WAD OF EARWAX you have ever seen in your life. the most memorable time this happened was when my sister M and i played soccer in like third grade. i hated every minute on that stupid field. the coach put me in as goalie (his mistake) and i got bored. so i was picking flowers and such. then i itched my ear and out popped the Mystery Wax Wad and i was so enthralled by it that i didn't see the ball coming and the other team scored. while i was staring at my own earwax. could i be any more unlucky?

Thursday, February 17, 2011

new new new

so i'm thinking about doing a new weekly installment on this lil bloggie of mine. i like weekly installments (i.e. LOLcat, poll)

so this installment will be based on the classic book series Dick & Jane. i'm not telling you what it is yet, but they will involve pictures.

what do you think? would you little darlings like that??

happy thursday fools. i love you.

Lions & Centaurs & Bears OHMY!

skirtL Tracy Feith for Targs, tee: Targs, tights: TJ Maxx, socks: Nordstrom kiddie section, riding boots: Steve Madden

HOLY SHIT YOU GUYS I THINK MY APARTMENT COMPLEX IS DANGEROUS--what, with the lions and centaurs and bears running around!!!

i'm stupid. sorry, couldn't help myself with that centaur sticker. srsly. I COULD NOT HELP MYSELF.

alert: lazy eyes and flared nostrils in shot #3. hahahha it's hilar. go look again. i love this skirt. it's so twirly. it makes me feel like i'm living in the 50s and it looks like it's made out of old curtains a la sound of music.

i wore those boots on my first date with JJ. but he wouldn't remember that. he was wearing black converse sneakers. and had sweaty palms. and spiky hair. teehee
hee. one of these days i will have to post a picture of College JJ. it's quite hilar. you'll all die.


also, listen to what a ninny i am: so urban was having a SUPER DUPER online sale and so obvs i couldn't resist and bought me and JJ some lovely things (including a Hamburglar tee and fish socks for JJ ahhahahahaaa and a new skull tee and fur collared jacket for me) well, the next morning i checked my order status online and it said: SHIPPED TO SPOKANE, WA. well motherfudger i don't live there. MY PRECIOUS BOX FROM URBAN WAS BEING SENT TO THE M.H. WHERE I NO LONGER LIVE. i mean, what an idiot i am. so i had to call urban and ups and intercept the delivery to have it resent to the cucamongross. honestly, where is my brain??? anyway, the package came last night and you should have seen the look of pure 10-year-old-getting-a-ninja-turtle-for-christmas-in-1989 joy on his face when he opened the Hamburglar tee. he was SO THRILLED. and he really is a hamburglar. he loves hamburgers.

last week i texted my mom and i said, "mommy can i be expecting my lil annual Valentine's package from ya?" and she said, "oh, i totally aren't you getting a little old for those?" i was crushed. i replied, "*one solitary tear running down cheek*" and i guilted her about it for the rest of the week. well, what a shit daughter i am, because last night at 7 p.m. we got a fedex package....a VALENTINE'S PACKAGE!!! from my mommy. and it was filled with wonderful things including silk boxers for JJ that made me poop my pants laughing when he put them on. (fact: when i was in 7th grade, i went through a wannabe tomboy phase. that's real. i wanted to be a tomboy. and i had a pair of silk looney tunes boxers that i HUNG up in my closet. there's a picture of me wearing said boxers with a backwards pink hat on...i'm also topless and holding a guitar in front of my non-existent chest and i'm donning a "bad-ass" look on my face. like, what's wrong with me?) ANYWAY, so my mommy sent us the Vday package. isn't that the nicest thing in the whole wide world??!!?!? thanks mommy SEE YA TONIGHTTTTTTT

one more thing: so Cleo has been doing so well since i've started working. she tinkles and poopies outside like a good little puppin. except yesterday. because it was raining. and she didn't want to go outside. so she peed on the rug right by the door. and JJ thinks i'm lazy for not flushing toilet when i pee in the night. ghoddd.

i'm particularly hyper and happy this lovely thursday morning. tra la laaaaaaaaaaaa

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

L is just very sorry for these poor quality chump pictures

skirt: Targs, shirt: H&M, belt: Express, tights: DKNY, mary janes: Targs, my fave fave fave thing ever: my raincoat: Betsey Johnson

1. i apologize for being so awkward in shot #2. like, i don't even know what i'm doing. just being an ass.
2. just, please. i'm sorry for the amateur photo taking. i don't have time to get the nice camera out with the cord that connects to the computer and shit. JJ just (sloppily) takes these on my iphone right before i leave for work and i e-mail them to myself and try to edit them the best i can. and it was raining today so JJ refused to go outside to take the picture, even though outside pics are better than inside pics. and half of the pics he takes are blurry or are of me yelling at him to please make sure the dirty underwear lying on the ground are out of the shot. he just really does not care. he snaps away without a care in the world. so now you know what i'm dealing with.
2. i said "sexy" to my boss today. WHAT'S WRONG WITH ME? gotta calm the crazy down.
3. srsly. that emo LOLcat was so hilar i thought i might die.
4. my coworker gave me a burned copy of the Lady Antebellum CD today. i mean HOW NICE?!
5. my secret trick: that skirt is 2 sizes too big. but it was $3.24 on final clearance at Targs like 2 years ago so obvs i had to buy it...SO i put this nice wide belt over it to make it look like a paperbag waisted skirt. TAH-DAH!
6. that thing hanging on the door behind me in the pics is a giant knitted "h" Christmas ornament. except i like it for all year round. but now i'm getting quite frustrated with it because it's ALWAYS. IN. MY. PICTURES. just hanging there and being annoying.
7. JJ farted in Target last night so loud and long and ridiculously. like seriously it was 28 seconds long and sounded as if there was a foghorn being blown right into my brain. i stopped and stared at him. when he was finished with his musical number he said, "wow, i didn't even feel like coming." REALLY? YOU DIDN'T? YOU HONESTLY DID NOT FEEL THAT SONIC BOOM COMING? LIKE, THE EARTH'S CORE FELT THAT COMING, DON'T LIE TO ME.
8. did you know: that Target gives you 5 cents for each reusable grocery bag you bring?
9. started a new book. the best book. Little Bee by Chris Cleave. oh. em. gee. READ IT NOW I'M NOT KIDDING YOU.
10. i literally cannot wait until 5:00 strikes on the clock so i can go home and watch the Bieber episode of Glee on CANNOT WAIT.

also, if it rains tomorrow, i'm going to wear my elephant rainboots to work. because that's the beauty of being a temp. you can just wear elephant rainboots because you feel like it. and everyone smiles at the sheer cuteness of them.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

mountain woman

brown cords: Hollister, button down: William Rast for Targs, shoes: Vera Wang for Kohl's

i feel like a mountain woman today in this outfit. very outdoorsy and shit. don't you think? like i might be going for a chic little hike.

i also feel like i'm so busy that i have no time for anything. funny how that goes. from having absolutely NOTHING to being so full of things that i'm bursting at the seams! like, no time to even buy toilet paper GARWSH! (in Goofy's accent)

but my MOM DAD AND CA are coming THURSDAY! so i have to prepare the home for them i.e. clean and make cookies and wrap presents and the like. i guess normal people just do all that AFTER work...??? time to buck up and be a normal person. >sigh< life is rough.

did i tell you my first order of business with this new job? save up to buy a Chanel bag. i was inspired by Moon, who called me at 6 a.m. during Christmas break, saying that there was a vintage Chanel on sale online and should she do it? should she just buy it?? and if course i said HELL TO THE YES MOON!!! and she did! and she paid it off her credit card in a mere two months. so now i need one. i figure this is the time in my life to be selfish and buy a classic black chainlink Chanel bag. because when we have kids i can't just spend their college fund money on bags...right? so, i'm going to set aside a little money from each paycheck until i have enough to buy one for myself. i'm going to walk into Chanel like i belong there, and i'm going to frivolously flip my hair about and say "i'll take this one," and not even flinch when Hello Kitty is slid through the machine because i will be confident in knowing that i have the money to pay it off. and they will also give me a glass of champagne while i'm waiting because i'm a loyal customer. i literally CANNOT wait until that day arrives.

OK gotta go. back to work chickadees.


skirt: Targs, top: H&M recycled polyester!, boots: BCBG

so we went out to dinner last night. which was a huge mistake. and i dolled all up for it too. we went to the only local joint in town: Antoninos. which is normally really really REALLY good italian food that makes me weak at the knees. although last time we went, we gave the waitress a $7.50 tip...and got charged $75.00 for the tip! yikes! we caught the error and they reimbursed us, so it was OK. but last night. just, no. they fail.

1. we had dinner reservations at 7. we arrived at 7. girl says "will be 15-20 minutes!"
2. while standing and waiting, a framed menu fell on the ground and shattered everywhere.
3. when the kitchen door opened, JJ saw 3 loaves of bread on the floor.
4. we were seated at 7:35
5. no one came to our table for 15 minutes.
6. when we actually DID get service, we're 99% sure that we got one of the loaves of bread that was on the floor. because it was so old and hard and gross that it like snapped in half when we tried to eat it. which was heartbreaking because that bread is usually so delicious.
7. our waiter dropped an entire tray of food.
8. appetizer came. cold.
9. our food came: mine was ice cold. JJ's was literally rice-a-roni.
10. we embarrassingly told the waiter that mine was cold, and JJ kindly said, "this was just an off night i think, we usually love it here, sorry man, we don't mean to be rude."

and then the waiter removed JJ's meal, warmed mine up and brought it back out. at that point i was just feeling like i really didn't want to be there anymore. so i downed my wine and we GTFOOT. and went home to snuggle up in our new sweatshirts, watch the bachelor and laugh about the ridiculously horrible dining experience. JJ said next year he will just cook us a delicious meal. NO MORE GOING OUT TO DINNER ON VALENTINE'S DAY. EVER. EVER. EVER.

my heart

TA-DAAAA!!!! those were the hilar/awesome gifts that i got for me and JJ for VDay. aren't we just adorable?? in our jammie jamms after a horrific dinner experience. which i'll explain later.

but really, i just love us. just a coupla nerds hanging out in dorky sweatshirts. when Cleo wanted to go outside at 10 p.m. we were a tad embarr to walk around in those sweatshirts outside, but we did it because it was funny.

JJ got me TONS of pretty pink and yellow roses. he's the bestttttttest ever.

Happy Valentine's from the Dog

for those of you who didn't receive a Valentine from us...i'm sorry. BUT here's a digital one for you to enjoy. because this was the picture. in a pink polka dot card with a caption that read:

"because who doesn't love a dog wearing pearls?"
Happy Valentine's Day
Love JJ, L & Cleopatra

so now you can enjoy it too. i loved this picture so much that i blew it up and hung it above our bed. i just love that little pooch.

Monday, February 14, 2011


dress: Converse for Targs, tights: TJ Maxx, boots: MIA, heart bracelet: Betsey Johnson, gold bangels: Wet Seal

Happy Valentine's Day my Loves! i like Valentine's Day OK because i have a great husband. also because i love hearts. and pink and red. and pink and red together.

when i got to work i saw this on my desk:my coworker got them for me! isn't that sweet? i guess she likes me :) it's so lovely, and it's the first personal thing that i have at my desk. everyone keeps telling me that i'll probably get hired permanently...crossing my fingers! another coworker also gave me the number to a hairdresser that is good and cheap. yes! i'm really feeling like i fit in here! hoorah

i like waking up early with JJ now. we sit in bed and drink coffee and watch the Today Show, isn't that cute?

i can't wait to get home from work tonight! i have the best present ever for JJ and myself and i can't wait to unveil the goodness!!! it's absolutely hilarrr and you'll all die. i post pics don't worry. also we are going out to dinner at Antonino's the only local Italian restaurant in town, and i just can't wait because i got an adorable ruffly top from H&M that i'm going to wear. today is also my sister CA's bday!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CA! thanks for being born so that i didn't have to spend my whole life with just sister M! (jk M, calm down) CA and my parents are coming to visit us on thursday and i just can't wait. eeeeeeee!

happy hearts day. tell someone you love them today.


bike:, jeans: Forevs, top: Macy's, sunglasses: Gucci, shoes: Sperry, dog: newspaper ad in Yakima

bike:, shorts: Dickies, tee: H&M, sunglasses: Electric

OMJIGGITY!!! we rode our bikes! the first time we rode them was home from the bike shop. Cleo didn't really like the basket. in fact, she jumped out while i was riding and i ran over her leg and she yelped. poor pup. this time she enjoyed it IMMENSELY. and i tied her leash to the basket so she wouldn't try to jump.

we had SO MUCH FUN! and how ADORABLEEEEE ARE OUR BIKES OMG! i bought a helmet but it hasn't come in the mail yet. and i also haven't attached my hello kitty bell or my bike flower yet...stay tuned.

we found a trail to ride our bikes on and it was lovely! we had to ride our bikes TO the trail though, and it was directly uphill. like, no. i was like OMG I NEED A BREAK and i made JJ stop at the gas station and get me a bottle of water in order to quench my death-like thirst. i was pitting out majah, too. totally gross. but once we got to the trail it was quite leisurely. the wind was blowing through our hair and it felt great. we stopped at a park and let Cleo run about off-leash. she found a little buddy...who turned out to be another Yorkie-Maltese mix--just like her! they were so adorbs. just romping around the park together. they were the perfect little Valentines. so cute.

i like bike riding on my cute little bike with Cle in my basket and JJ by my side. this is exercise that i'm totally OK with.

Sam in Cucamongross

shorts: Hollister, minnie tee: Disney employee's only store, sweatshirtL Juicy Couture, shoes: Vans, socks: Roxy, sunglasses: Gucci, sucker: Disney

what? you don't go for the "12-year-old boy tourist" look when you go to Disneyland? hahahahahhahaa i look like SUCH a nerd, i love it. Sam and i had a BLAST in DLand (of course), and we especially loved sharing a seat on the Matterhorn. we ate lots of delicious things...and we realized at the end of the day that Sam ate: a corndog, a frozen chocolate banana and a pickle...all wiener-shaped hahahahha LOLOLOL

my t-shirt was purchased last time we went to disney with Rah and Nebular and his dad let us shop in the discounted employee store! that shirt is $45 but in the special store i got it for $12. yayyyyy.

i have a problem. whenever there is going to be a long day in which i am expected to walk around a lot, i tend to get a little fussy about my footwear. i hate socks. so obviously i wear my shoes without them. so at Disneyland my feet started to get a little sweaty and started to rub, and i could feel the beginnings of a blister forming. so i whined to Sam that i needed socks. so we went to a store to get some. a pack of 3 for $17. i mean really, that is ASININE. but once on my foot--although EXTREMELY dorky looking--i loved them. they were worth every penny to make my feet feel so great. i literally have about 8 pairs of socks that i have purchased in emergency situations like this. i also have a pair of high school musical flip flips and brown hawaiian sandals that have saved my life when socks weren't available. i guess the lesson that i need to learn is either a. wear socks or b. wear sandals. but now i don't want to because it feels like sort of a tradition to collect socks and sandals from all of my vacations.

anyway, i had so much fun with Sam this weekend! we met JJ and all of his coworkers and their spouses and went to the GU game at pepperdine after Disney and it was great but Sam and i were exhausted by that point. when we got home we fell right to sleep, until Cleo woke up and started pacing because she swallowed a bone. i got frustrated and accidentally threw her out of the room and she hit her head on the closet door. Bad Dog Mom. i ended up being up half the night dealing with that. JJ and Sam told me that i can't throw my babies when they cry in the night someday. COME ONNNN I KNOWWWWWWWW

Friday, February 11, 2011



domestic JJ

my little househusband. i heart him.
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