Monday, October 31, 2011


happy halloween!
yo ho ho and a bottle of rum.
she is just the cutest captain jack sparrow i've ever seen.

MOVING DAY IS FINALLY HERE! my sister M and i have been slaving away all weekend. 
we've watched SATC seasons 1-4, had old spaghetti factory for dinner three nights in a row, i almost cut off her head for ruining my $130 anthropologie shower curtain, we only lost the garage door clicker once and i barfed a little in the uhaul parking lot. overall a successful weekend. 

today is my last day of work. i'm going to miss is here. a lot. wahhhh. and i will never have a boss as cool. and i'm sad that i only got to give away 25 of my business cards.

i've been wearing the same abercrombie tshirt for 4 days, why not make it a full week? 

SO, at promptly 5 to washington we flit.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

What's on L's Phone?!

the end of my life happened yesterday.
the TV was shut off. 
and i was left with nothing but a dark, sad black screen with a blue box that said, "searching for signal."

i'm so anxious to get going to Seattle. i feel like kirstie alley in toothless when she isn't alive or dead. she's just stuck in the middle as a tooth fairy. i don't like living in this weird world where my things are all scattered and there's no TV. and JJ left me last wednesday so i am lonely and cold and whimpery and tired.

good news is, my OCD sister M is coming here on Friday to organize my shit. then the movers come on halloween and then Cleo, M and i drive up to good old Washington on tuesday! i told her the driving is going to be at about an 80/20 ratio...meaning she will drive the 80%. i just really hate to drive. i'm no good at it anyway.

THEN, on thursday, i turn right around and fly down to Vegas for Sam's wedding ouiiiiii! 

anyway, this week's "what's on L's phone?!" is mainly a collection of Cleo pics. i'm so boring. but she's been very clingy since the move began, and cries like a dying vampire every time i leave her to go to work. poor little pup.

i promise when i get settled and find my clothes again that i will be back. but for now, these tidbits from my phone will have to suffice.

 the dead, dead DEAD ends of my hair finally had to be chopped off.

Cleo thinks that if she sleeps in my suitcases that i won't leave her behind. awww.

 PTFO in the car on the way home from a weekend at JJ's parents house.

tiny pooch.

one last tryst before Chanel & JJ hit the road.

 this is my scattered living room/life.

all the plates were packed, so JJ served me a grilled cheese in a bowl hahahh

she sits by the door worrying.

flowers i got at work from my darling Hubblestiltskins yesterday because he misses me. 

it's tights weather today in socal. love it!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

blog on hold

JJ got a job offer on Friday...and he took it.

so that means we are packing up our little apartment.

and moving to seattle.

JJ leaves tomorrow and i leave november 1.

and my clothes are all scattered around. and i'm lucky if i leave the house wearing pants.

i'll be back for updates!

oh and one more thing...the breaking dawn previews have finally started airing on TV and i'm SO excited i cannot even stand it.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

a cheese cave kind of day

dress: F21, socks: Rodarte for Target, belt: Wet Seal boots: Steve Madden

it was 100 degrees today. which is so not okay. it's fall. but since it decided to be swelteringly unbearable, i decided to dress as summery as possible. hence the sundress that hurts your eyes to look at.

i haven't painted my nails in a whole week. which is weird for me. i rarely rarely RARELY ever have bare naked nails. i think they are so ugly. but i've just been too lazy to break out my favorite "pat on the black" shade. i also haven't been wearing bracelets very often. what is wrong with me this week??

i know i've mentioned this before, but the commercial for the Disney Resort in Hawaii makes me so happy. those joyful little birds and gleeful fish singing just make me want to hug them and kiss them and move into Mickey and Minnie's house. i want to be surrounded by that happiness 24/7.

today i saw the most hilarious thing in the world that made my whole life:

i mean how many days do you feel like this frog?!?! hahahahahhaahhaa i just loved it because it's true.

also today i went to the cheese cave for a delicious fresh french cheese sandwich with avocados and hot mustard. it was so sooooo yummy. and i ate every last crumb. even the miniature pickles and everything.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


dress: gift from JJ's Mom, tee: Converse, cardigan: Target, flats: Guess

i have an angry beast of a cough. it's really affecting my ability to concentrate on anything. also i almost died today. i nearly took a tylenol cold caplet that expired in September 2010. i punched them out of the foil and went to put them in my mouth when my eye caught the date. it was a seriously close call. 

i would love to stay and chat but really i must to take some new tylenol cold and get some beauty sleep.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

i like your beard *in ke$ha voice*

pants: F21, top: Nordstrom Rack, heels: Steve Madden via Ross

i felt like having a beard today. and you know what? i don't look half bad.

Glee isn't on tonight because of baseball. i realllllllllly hate baseball. 

i have a zit the size of jupiter on my cheek and it's so painful and red. i can't wait until it's ready to pop. it will be so satisfying. 

Cleo's new dog food flavor is Cowboy Cookout. JJ and i both agree it makes her breath smell especially horrendous. 

it's going to be 100 degrees here on thursday. bulghhhhhh.

i will never ever in life go skydiving. that's just something you should know about me. you could never talk me into it. it would be so disappointing to die that way, and so i choose not to ever let it happen.

i'm going to take a shower since i have crazy poodle hair today. 



What's on L's Phone?!

it's true. they do. but alas, i'm not in college anymore. so i decided it's time to let this tshirt go. wahhh.

  i had to get my bloodwork done today. i had to sit there for an extra 20 minutes with my head between my legs because i almost passed out. i hate blood.

what good is a motherfudging iphone if, when it has bars and service, it cannot give you the directions to your bloodwork appointment?? stupid thing. 

iswap app for iphone. LOL that's me and my nephew big M. we switched faces.

and this would be JJ's sister S and her husband...with switched faces haahahahahaaa this one made us laugh til we cried. SO FUNNY.

...and big M and JJ's sister C with switched faces...C said "i'm not a bad looking boy" hahahaa

 cleaned out my closet eminem-style. time to purge the unnecessary items in my closet (i.e. hollister jeans that i can no longer button) i have a very excited 14-year-old cousin who is anxiously awaiting to dig into this pile.

strategically placed fake dog turd. 
unamused lame JJ.
i thought it was hilar.

snugglin' Chanel.

Nel and Jewel at the wsu vs. ucla game. 

my boss and i are Twihards. she bought me these sticky notes. ADORRRR

hahahha JJ accidentally saved LJ's husband as "Chria Milker" in his phone. his name is really Chris Miller. LOLOLOLLLLL

Jamba Juice really is the best. i mean really. who doesn't love a jamba juice?

KKiss' last name is Kissel (sorry, cover blown). this movie was playing on lifetime.ahahahaa

we got this letter at work. and no, i'm not a sir. and neither is my boss. no sirs here. just hott ladiezzz (ladiezzz with 3 Zs just makes it so much better)

while perusing the Kardashian article in my Lucky magazine i noticed an F-bomb. is that even legal?? or was it a mistake??

Monday, October 10, 2011

columbus day

blouse: Free People, pants: Union, faux leather jacket: F21

mondays are a pain in the anus. really. they are. it's like one minute you're all "OHMYGOD I LOVE THAT IT'S 3 PM AND I'M STILL IN MY SWEATS" on sunday and then your alarm slaps you in the face and says "GET THE FUDGE UP, GET DRESSED AND PUT SOME MAKEUP ON YOU OGRE." so rude. 

saturday we went to the wsu vs. ucla game at the rosebowl (oh goodie. i just love sports) and sunday night we decided on an impromptu trip into LA to spend some time with JJ's sister and her husband and kids M&M. we went out for pizza, JJ's other sister showed up with cupcakes for dessert (!!!) and then little M threw up his pizza and cupcake, and then his Mom cleaned up while we all gagged and watched. then we tuned into The Good Wife (yesssss!) and drove home. JJ drank enough coffee to keep driving to new hampshire so he stayed up watching tv when we got home, while i slept peacefully.

happy columbus day everyone! some dumbass on the ellen degeneres show didn't know what year columbus "discovered" America. she said 1708. REALLY?!?! in fourteen-hundred ninety-two, columbus sailed the ocean blue. we all learned it when we were 7. JJ got to sit on his ass and eat greek food today while i slaved away behind a computer billing saudi arabian students for their tuition. so not fair.


Thursday, October 6, 2011

chanel can hunt

pants: J Brand, top: Nordstrom Rack, sweater: BCBG

another cold-ish day--so lovely! i spent my lunch break wandering the aisles of target and found a sale on kraft homestyle mac n cheese. it turned out to be the most delicious mac n cheese ever in life, you must try it! it's especially tasty with buffalo sauce. 

Chanel hunted down a moth and killed it and ate it today (!!!!!) she like swallowed it whole. like it was a tasty treat. it was gross. but also fascinating. even though she is a pansy inside cat with no claws, she is still instinctual and can pounce and kill like a lion.  

I got a present from my friend Sabs today in the mail--two tshirts (one inappropriate to tell you about) and the other that reads "my blog is more fashionable than yours" teeheeee. i love them. and her.

we turned on the big orange glow in the dark pumpkin tonight--fall is finally here! and now we are all snuggled up in bed watching Arthur (with Russel Brand) while Cleo gnaws on a bone. this movie is really hilar. i love Russel Brand. he's hilariously gangly and sweet. so i'm going to go. and continue watching him.

a good clean scare

my family is really big on pranking and scaring. like really big. well, i got this video from my Mom yesterday. my cousin put a gorilla mask in my Dad's car, and he and my brother-in-law and couple other of my cousins filmed it...and it makes me pee with laughter. he screamed like a little girl and it's SO hilar...

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

cozy rainy days

dress: Converse, coat: Thakoon for Target, socks: Target, Hunter boots

i loooooove the rain! it's so much fun. plus i get to wear my pink boots to work when it rains. which is always fun. californians do NOT know how to drive in the rain. it's really pathetic. it took me so long to get to work this morning because those fools were driving 10 mph. it was ridiculous. and the amount of scarves and parkas i saw (it was 60 degrees) was embarrassing. californians are a bunch of pansies when it comes to anything but sunny. 

JJ made butternut squash ravioli and arugula and spinach salad--it was a delicious dinner. then Cle and me took a shower. and now we are all squeaky clean and cozy. rainy days make me want to snuggle up in bed in sweat pants and fuzzy socks. so i'm doing just that.


i feel like i'm home in this rainy weather. washington...i miss you.

i jumped into this puddle right after i took the pic. and sloshed water all down my boot. and now my socks are wet and my feet are ice cold. lkdfljskdflkajsdflkja c'mon L.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


dress/cardigan: Target, belt: Gap, socks: Missoni for Target (thanks Mimi), shoes: Italy, glasses: UO

i'm a nerd. i was inspired by zooey deschanel's character on the hilar new show new girl. she wears similar frames so i copy-catted her and bought a pair for myself. i added some knee-high socks and i was dorky ol' L for the day. hehee

here is a fact: i use the men's bathroom at work. there's never anyone in there because there is only one man who works in my office. so i can stretch out on the pot and take my time in there. plus there's a plethora of toilet paper in there, so one never has to worry about running out mid-poo. it's fabulous. at least i thought it was until i was sitting in there this morning and something caught my eye--AN EARWIG CRAWLING ACROSS THE TOE OF MY SHOEEEEEEEEE NOOOOOOOOO!!!! it was SO gross and it made my heart drop. it gave me quite a fright! i kicked him off my shoe and stepped on him. and then flushed him. he was totally not welcome in MY men's bathroom.

what's on L's phone?!

 my new creepy snowglobe.

Rah and Nebular's dog Benjamin Pierre

JJ and Nebular are tender lovers hahahahhaa

actually i'm not...but my coworker got this spot for september and he doesn't drive to work. so he let me and another employee friend use it. we time shared. i got MWF and he got TTR. 

i saw this on the road and was so thrilled. we used to have one in the family that we used to take camping every year for labor day. i played many a game of spoons on the orange shag carpet on the inside with my sisters and cousins. 

JJ stretching in the airport. LOL.

"oh please, paparazzi, let me be!"

little dog on a little pillow

Monday, October 3, 2011

sneaky hansens

tee: TJ Maxx, skirt: F21, flower: H&M

this picture is fuzzy and weird. like the screen of a television in the 90s. 

i sort of look like a chic clown today with that big red flower. i sort of wish it had water in it to squirt at people. i have GOT to add 'squirting water flower' to the list of things i definitely need.

JJ and i did something crazy. 

we snuck Cleo onto the plane on the way home from our quick washington trip...!!! we are your regular Bonnie & Clyde!! it's really terrible--but we did it anyway. you see, we paid for her on the way there and they put a tag on her carrier...then never asked us to pay on the way home. so we just brought her onto the plane. hahahahhh

today while i was itching my nose i caught a faint whiff of the most delectable treat in the world...some onion from the SF sourdough sandwich i had yesterday. it made me so giddy and delightful that i just kept sniffing real hard until my eyeballs almost popped out.

you know what really irks me? the commercials for that movie anonymous ...SHAKESPEARE WAS NOT A PHONY.
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