Wednesday, November 30, 2011

what's on L's phone?!


my sister's cat Lewis cleaning his anus. cats licking their buttholes is so hilarious.

Cleo and Lewis sharing the couch.

my parents dog Lola666 climbing into my bed in the morning and greeting me with a polite and quiet hello.

Dad decorating the tree!

i went to my Dad's office and was given this by one of his employees. he asked me to read it aloud. so inappropriate! this is the same man who also signed me up for a health insurance plan.

resting after a long day of barking at strangers.

hahaha Cleo was laying on her back on my belly like this watching a movie with her ears all splayed out. so funny and cute.

thanksgiving morning. and MM and CA were such a big asset in the preparation of dinner for 29 people.

thanksgiving mid-morning and we have another wonderful helper.

an hour before thanksgiving dinner and i found this one eager to set the table.  BY THE WAY i made a sweet potato casserole (NO NOT THE ONE WITH MARSHMALLOWS) and it was a raging success. i must have gotten 12 compliments on it. pat on back, self.

 snowww! it's all gone now :( boo

llamas are so bizarre. CA and i took the dogs for a walk and stopped to watch these weirdos.

Cleo and Lola666 cuddling with CA's leg.

 Lewis photobombs.

tiny pup in a big car.

can't see the line can ya Russ?

i realize that i have been gone far too long. but living at my parents' house out of the same suitcase i packed for myself in the cucamongross a month ago isn't exactly conducive to creative outfit ideas. we are about a week and a half away from moving into our very own little house. so close! (JJ said Chanel couldn't come unless i bought him a comfortable chair to watch tv in. so rude. she's coming anyway and i haven't gotten him a chair). the closing date is december 8 and then the workmen are going in to tear up the carpet and refurbish the hardwood floors. THEN we get to move in. i told JJ the first box we are opening is the Christmas box. the tree goes up first. then we can unpack everything else. soon after we move in, we head back down to CA for christmas with JJ's family. then the day after christmas i go to Hawaii with my family and JJ heads back to Seattle. (he can't come to Hawaii this year and it is so SO sad. he has to work). so december is quite the full month for us. it will go by in a flash.

ANYWAY, exciting things:

1. we bought a washer and a dryer and a fridge on black friday. that is the most we have ever bought on black friday. and sears was so gross. so many people hovering over appliances with greedy smiles, like rats staking claim over pieces of cheese.

2. i am 75% done with christmas shopping. only 3 more people on my list. YES! yesterday i was on hour 2 of 3 in my shopping extravaganza when i suddenly felt quite ill. really lightheaded and hot and sweaty like i had had my bloodwork done. i had to sit on the ground in the tj maxx and put my head between my legs. and people walked by like it was completely normal. and nobody asked if i was ok. NOBODY. it was so rude. one man even stepped over me to get a better look at the knitted hats. i mean, if i saw someone sitting on the floor with their head between their legs i would say "are you ok?! can i get you anything?!" and pat them on the back and say "there, there." but i guess i'm just nice like that.

3. my mom, sister MM and i have taken a liking to the horribly cheesy hallmark christmas movies. we watch one every night. and we like to predict what is going to happen in the end. "oh i totally know that santa is going to get his memory back when he sees that picture of mrs. claus...OH! that girl totally asked for a little brother for christmas 10 years ago and when the little brother finds out there's going to be a heartfelt moment..." it's so fun.

4. i ordered a return address stamp for our new address! this is by far the most exciting thing. because we are going to live there for a while. we won't be moving in a year. so i bought a nice stamp. a real rubber one with hand calligraphy.

5. i've taken quite a liking to mandarin oranges lately. like a serious obsession. like 4 a day. they are just so delicious and orange-y.

6. i skipped out on the victoria's secret fashion show this year. wasn't in the mood for all those tall skinny bitches with their perfect lives and crystal thongs to taunt me.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

what's on L's phone?!

these are in no particular order: 

that is a crusty old Cleo turd. my Papa found it in his office and put it on my dresser to teach me a lesson. 

Cleo in the apartment the day before we moved. she just stood on the stool looking around worriedly. 

i ate too many ruffles on the road trip. we were so cramped in the car. i didn't trust the movers with my special things. and i have a lot of special things. so i brought them in my car to keep them safe.

the last CA sunset. 

Cleo trying to get comfy in the stuffed car.

this was my setup for a few days in my childhood bedroom at my parents' house.

i went to my sister M's house and said "let's make cookies!" so i watched her make them. i sent this picture to her husband and said "i'm making cookies." he said "hey, that's the same recipe i use"  LOL. and how hilar is their bulldog Hamilton just sitting there waiting for a piece of dough to drop?!?!!!

my parents' dog Lola666 pretending to be tiny. that's Cleo's bed. Lola666 is a 65-lb Golden Doodle.

Cleo is Mrs. Claus!

Lola666 now pretending to be a lap dog. who is that hideous caveman she's sitting on?

 Rob Pattinson on Today. heart fluttering!!!

Mimi bought Cleo a carseat. yes that's real. they make carseats for dogs now. 

took the sea pooch on a walk to the waterfront today.

 that's me and sister CA snooping through MM's texts to her boyfriend. JJ told us we were assholes and caught us red-handed. (note: those pants we are wearing were given to us by Mimi. they are 100% fleece. from costco. they are the very best pants in the ENTIRE world. it's like wearing a cloud. and they are only $9.99. go and get yourself a pair right now!)

Cleo drives.

i love this video. Chanel chasing a piece of chalk around my parents' house. she is SO into it until Lola666 walks by. then she looks away and pretends she wasn't just having the time of her life.


everyone keeps yelling at me to write a blog. but unfortunately i have fallen into the deep depths of bored unemployment despair and have taken to wearing all black everyday.

JJ, Cleo and i have moved in with Mimi and Papa (a USMC alum who yells when i leave a sock on the ground) in Olympia until we move into our house. did i tell you we bought a house? we did! it's the cutest little thing in the whole world and my uncle calls it a creampuff, which is quite fitting. we are really grateful for a place to live right now, but we just can't wait to GTFOOH and move into our own place.

so i am still living out of one measly suitcase. which has 4 tshirts, two pairs of black pants, one pair of black uggs, one black infinity scarf and 4 useless interview outfits inside of it. and i pulled an IDIOT californian move and didn't pack my warm furry abercrombie jacket. i packet a leather jacket. like that's actually going to keep me warm in these frigid temperatures. i tried to steal my sister MM's coat but she caught me. so i'm just permanently cold. it's so annoying.

this last weekend my whole family was here to watch MM in her state volleyball tournament. also in attendance was my cousin who is MM's age and his 6 friends. one who happens to share a name with my sister M's husband. they stayed in Mimi and Papa's guesthouse. only there isn't a shower in the guesthouse. so they all showered in the bathroom next to my bedroom. i had gone to target to get a new deodorant and when i got back i walked into the house and opened the bathroom door. someone was showering. i assumed it was JJ or one of my sisters so i strolled on it. when i spotted unfamiliar shoes and clothes on the floor. alfdjjldksa "who's in here?" i said. "it's chase!" pause. "NOT THE BIG CHASE!" the voice said. i slowly put together the pieces of the puzzle. chase. my cousin's friend chase. not my sister's husband the "big chase" (that would still have been creepy but not quite so much). motherfudger. i threw the deodorant in the air screamed "OHMYGOD SORRYYYY!" and rushed out and slammed the door. i had just walked in on a 17-year-old boy taking a shower. OMG I'M SUCH A PERV! and all of this in the wake of the Penn State child molesting scandal. i mean c'monnnnnn. when chase finally came out fully clothed and squeaky clean, i apologized profusely. the poor kid. but the good news is i didn't see anything. no skin. but still. supremely idiotic move.

gonzaga played wsu last night and won (yes!) but JJ and i couldn't help but be so embarrassed by the student section. i mean talk about a bunch of douchey NERDS. we both agreed we could not have been that douchey when we were standing there...right?

and so it begins. the job hunt. if you hear of anything please let me know. i'm bored to tits just sitting around talking to Cleo all day and eating a frightful amount of mandarin oranges.

oh, and here's our new house looking all cute and fall-ish:

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