Tuesday, January 24, 2012


leggings, Old Navy, tee/belt: Target, jacket/hat: Urbs, sunglasses: Betsey, boots: Lucky Brand

tra la laaaaaaaa my Momz is on her way here as we speak! she's coming to my doctor appointment with me today and then we are going to lunch and ikea. and i'm so excited!! 

ohmygodddd my back aches. achessss. and my hips. like i'm a creaky old woman. and i can't take tylenol because i just throw it up. so JJ got me a heating pad which is my new best friend except that it automatically shuts off when it gets too hot so as not to start anything on fire. so when i notice it's cold, i have to turn it off and turn it back on again. tres inconvenient. in other news, my bellybutton keeps changing shape. now it's almost popped out. it's on the verge. and then it will look like i have a blueberry under my shirt. of all the pregnancy things, JJ is most weirded out by my bellybutton. really? honestly, like that is the grossest thing about pregnancy to you JJ??

HOW BADLY do you want to punch Courtney from the Bachelor in the face?! srsly. 

ok i g2g clean before my Momz gets here so she doesn't judge me. it's her first time seeing the new house all decorated, and i don't want dirty floors to spoil the unveiling.


  1. love the outfit L- good job JJ on first pic :)

  2. I srsly can't believe you still have snow in your yard!

  3. the other day someone asked me how far along i was and i told them and she said, "yeah, i figured you were pretty far along because i could see your belly button through your shirt." OK THANKS I KNOW IT LOOKS WEIRD. i don't blame jj for being weirded out, belly buttons are a weird thing!


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