Friday, January 20, 2012


skirt: Gap, tee: Targs, jacket: American Eagle, boots: Steve Madden

i took a tylenol this morning and ate an apple. then 20 minutes later i threw up the whole apple. it came out my nose and now my nose burns. i can't figure out if i'm sick or if i just didn't eat enough food with the tylenol. so i climbed back into bed only to discover that i can only get one channel because there is snow on the satellite dish. woe is me. poooooor pooooooor L.

in sixth grade i was mortified after my first gym class experience to discover that all the other girls wore bras and i didn't. it was like everyone was in on this rite of passage except me. of course i was flat chested and didn't need one, but i rushed home from school and demanded that i get one of these coveted treasures of my own. my Mom took me to Target and i got a pretty little white bra in the little girls' section. size 30AA. it had delicate scalloped edges and a pink rosette where the impossibly tiny triangles met in the middle. my Mom shared in my excitement and wrote "L's First Bra!!" in her checkbook registry. the next day in gym class i felt like i belonged. thus began the era of boob obsession.  

in junior high, LJ, KitKat and i had a little acronym we frequently used: BES. BES stands for "Boob Enhancing Shirt." as awkward adolescents on the cusp of womanhood, we obsessed about making our boobs look bigger. i had the infamous Victoria Secret water bra, and i loved it. and when worn with a midriff-baring jersey knit tee from Abercrombie,  it created the illusion of two perfectly fleshy mounds on my board of a chest. the ideal BES. i never really did get boobies (well, until recently because of JimmyFrank), but i'm more than happy to evade the uncomforts of the underwire.

it's strange how the things we lust after the most as young girls turn out to be the very shackles of womanhood that annoy us most (i.e. shaving one's legs).

that was a bit of a rant to segue into what i was originally wanting to say; i've been using my old favorite term frequently these days. but the B now stands for Belly. and the tee i'm wearing in these pictures is definitely a BES.


  1. love this post- I demanded my first bra was jersey cotton from Mervyns and I loved it. Hilarious to think back on. I was just thinking that shirt was a BES as well ;)

  2. haha, love this story. and love that BES has now taken on a new meaning.

  3. Ohhh, do we rue the day that we wanted boobies! Wait until menopause -- you will have ginormous ones...

  4. ugh... the shaving of legs. I curse the day I ignored my mothers advice and took a razor to my thin non-existant barely there leg hair. idiot.


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