Wednesday, January 25, 2012


turtleneck: Gap, skirt: Urban, heels: Target, headband: Ross

my Mother just left. and i didn't even cry this time. but i almost did. yesterday was a crazy nutty day that needed to end with a stiff drink, so i got to have a bottle of water instead. it started with my doctor appointment...

and then we went to ikea to get a big huge beautiful 20000000+ piece armoire for all of my clothes that we built all by ourselves with our BARE HANDS. and then we went out to dinner with JJ and today we switched mine and JJ's room with the baby's (we accidentally gave ourselves the smaller room. idiots) and it looks quite fabulous. my Mom and i are so successful when she's here. we just get shit done and it's awesome. plus we have fun together and i hateeee it when she has to leaveeeee me.

but anyway. ok so back to the doctor appointment. i went for a check-up and my Momz met me there and got to meet the doctor. i told the doctor that i've been having problems with an achy back. the doctor looked right at my pink rainboots and raised her eyebrows and she said, "what shoes besides these pink rainboots have you been wearing?" and i said "uggs mostly" and this is what she said to me: "you should really be wearing more supportive shoes." i said, "oh, okay. like tennis shoes?" she said, "yes, a brand new pair, or if you are willing to spend a little more, Danksos would be the best and most supportive shoes for your back."




vomit again

DANKSOS?!?!? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?! DANSK-NO! i looked at my Mom (wearing a pair of Disgusting Danksos herself), and she started laughing. i was like "oh. okay. thanks." i am NOT a Dankso-wearing type of girl. i have made fun of the hideous, dull, club-like shoes since the first time i ever saw them. no no no no no no no no NO NO ONE MILLION TIMES NO.

but then i got to thinking. my back hurts constantly. like all the time. like wake up in the middle of the night and moan and roll around and kindly yell to JJ to plug in my heating pad. and i'm not even in the third trimester yet. so i have more backaches to look forward to. so. SO. you guys. i'm committing the biggest fashion faux pas since jeans without back pockets. i'm going to get. a. pair. of. Danksos. (when she finally stopped laughing, my lovely generous and thoughtful Mom offered to buy me a pair of the Disgusting Danskos). BUT SRSLY YOU GUYS DON'T JUDGE ME PLEASE! i promise to always wear dark glasses and a hood whilst wearing them in public and i promise NEVER to wear them in any outfit pictures.

OMG i just cannot believe i'm getting a pair of these shoes. the next thing you know i'll be wearing Lee jeans and driving a minivan.


  1. Ahhhhh! Those shoes are so hideous. When I worked retail this girl had a pair and they looked like she painted them with acrylic paint. Actually, not her. A two-year-old. They were so bad. But If they make your back feel better then go for it. You only have to wear them for a few months!

  2. Not that I like the idea of Dansko shoes in any way, but I did see these on Zappo's the other night and I wasn't completely disgusted

  3. Omg! I just gasped out loud! Gol! The crazy old teachers I work with wear those! Haha but you'll make them fab, or as fab as you considering. I need a pic asap.

  4. one of our hair ladies wears danskos every day because she's on her feet all day! she swears by them, even though we always laugh about how ugly they are. i bet you will manage to make them look fabulous. some of them aren't 100% terrible either.

  5. I say you absolutely must take a picture! I want your best mom jeans, pooh shirt, dansko wearing self! And if you can find a minivan with 2 big fish and 1 baby fish on the window, pose with it!

  6. What a little snot you are! If you are going to live in Seattle you will live in your Daskos, which will keep your feet dry and your back pain-free. Only in Hawaii do I not wear my Daskos...

  7. O.M.G YOU ARE NOT!!! Miss L, hahahaha. Good think you're so fab or else we would totes judge ;) kidding. hugs and kisses dear!


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