Wednesday, January 11, 2012

about L

hi. i'm L. i like clothes. i love Disneyland. and shut up don't even talk to me about greeting cards with sound effects because i'm beyond obsessed with them. i adore telling stories. and oh, do i have stories to tell (note: if farts make you uncomfortable, i'm not the gal for you). i'm a mom. i don't wear mom jeans, but i do own a pair of Danskos. my baby girl is Gemma, my baby boy is Beau and my fur child is Foxy Cleopatra. i'm married to a devilishly handsome fellow named JJ who hates this blog because sometimes i publicly embarrass him.

shit's crazy up in here. i'm wild and obnoxious and just a little bit narcissistic. but i'm also really nice. so come party with me. we'll be the best of friends.

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