Friday, January 27, 2012

i heart

i heart my hubby tee: Ross

i bought this t-shirt on a whim one day while i was recklessly tossing things in my cart at Ross. i tend to do that. like i get to the checkout and look down and i'm like "what? did i really put a 4-pack of chip clips, a turkey thermometer and a fish-shaped candlestick holder in my cart?" Ross is sneaky like that. anyway, i like to throw on this t-shirt every once in a while to surprise JJ. he gets especially giddy when i wear it. only if he starts to annoy me while i'm wearing it, i threaten to take it off. 

did i tell you that the baby is in the 70th percentile?! i mean i'm growing a BEAST in there. which frightens me and my tiny hole. might have something to do with the way i've been demolishing the little debbie valentine heart cakes. they're going straight to the baby. 

i pee a lot lately. like a lot a lot. and i realized the other day that we go through a 12-roll of toilet paper every two weeks. i mean WHOA L. and i'm not even an excessive toilet paper user. i take what i need, no more, no less. also i learned the hard way that i have to have something substantial in my stomach (i.e. a mini babybell cheese wheel, an orange AND a granola bar) before i take my new prenatal vitamins. and a blue sprinkle krispy kreme doughnut is NOT substantial enough. it's real gross coming back up and out the nose.

well everyone, i did it. i ordered the Dansksos. they're on their way to me now (hanging head in shame) and last night i had a dream that when the Zappos box came, instead of ugly Danskos, a beautiful pair of Frye boots were staring back at me. you can imagine my disappointment when i woke up. 

the sun is actually out today in Seattle, so i'm off to take Cleo to the beach!


  1. love love that shirt!

    I too have been thinking about ordering danskos for when I'm on my feet at the hospital all day. But it just seems like so much money for such an unattractive pair of shoes. Your back will thank you though.

  2. I have the exact same shirt thanks to you and a trip to Ross! Miss you! Can't wait to rub that belly tomorrow!


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