Friday, January 6, 2012

i was a fat man ringmaster

 jeans: Hot Topic, tee/hat: Forever21, cardigan: Frenchi, booties: Target

i went to a temp agency yesterday. i didn't want them to know about JimmyFrank so i tried to hide my belly. i wore a button-down blouse that has snaps and the snaps were dangerously close to bursting. so to hide the agonized snaps i put on a vest. and then i ran out the door because i was running late. afterward i ran some errands and when i finally got home and looked in the mirror i almost DIED. i will tell you why i ALMOST DIED. because i looked like a complete asshole. the ill-fitted snap top and vest combo made me look like a fat man ringmaster. all i needed was the red jacket with the coattails and a tiger. so embarrassing. 

but i made a nice dinner for my husband last night of spaghetti and meatballs. i have had an extreme hatred for any and all vegetables (especially salad and salad dressing buglhhhhh) while pregnant, so i didn't buy any veggies for JJ to go with dinner. at the last minute i heated up some canned corn and put it in a bowl to amp up the health factor.

one of the best things about our house is the fireplace. and after dinner last night, my lumberjack (JJ) went into the forest (fred meyer) and chopped down some trees for firewood (bought some duraflame firestart and a bundle of wood) and came home and built a raging fire. then i ate 5 popsicles. FIVE. they're the tropical flavored ones from target. and they are just the best god damn things in the whole world! then JJ and i laid down on the couch together and he watched the basketball game while i read my book (STILL reading Pillars of the Earth. and i hate it. like really hate it. but now i'm invested in the characters. and i have to know what happens. plus i'm on page 700. only 300 more to go. bulghhh) but it was really nice to just sit and relax with my feet in JJ's lap, snackin' on some sicles of pop with the fire crackling in the background.

OH also, and i can't believe i didn't make this number one on the list of weird pregnancy things: the acne. OHMYLORD the acne. i'm a pizza-faced teen and it's terrible. i heard an old wives tale that acne during pregnancy means it's a girl trying to steal my beauty. then i also heard that it's a boy in there. and having a boy inside my girl body is making my hormones freak out=acne. hmmmm what IS it in there?


  1. I never got acne with the other two and now I have it with this one. Not cool, I'm not in middle school anymore...

  2. loving the redesigned blog page, Friend! :)

  3. I have two friends who had HORRIBLE acne when they were preggo and both had boys...just sayin'

  4. "Doot-doot-doodle-doodie-doot-doot-do!" Just servin' up some Ringmaster music for you. We miss you here in Alohaland, but that bamboo looks pretty tropical!

  5. Such a cute prego :) Ive been following your blog for awhile, but this is my first comment =/ Love ur style and cant wait to see ur little belly of love grow.


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