Monday, January 9, 2012

i will live longer because i'm boring

skirt: Abercrombie, shirt: H&M, socks: Target, Hunter boots

this weekend was so great. JJ built fires, i read my frustratingly long book, JJ watched sports, i napped, we watched movies, we took Cleo to the beach, we spent time with our friends. i was really sad when JJ had to go to work this morning. because now i have to wait 5 days to have another weekend where i get to spend the whole time with him.

remember my five year diary? well now i'm on year two. and i still love it. only on friday i went to write my little blurb and my eye caught on my little blurb from one year ago. it said "went to the bank today and grocery shopping. and got some laundry done! still unemployed and looking for a job. bughlll" and it was really annoying. because in one year it looks like nothing has changed. oh, but it has. it's so annoying. i want to punch the five year diary in the face for making me look like a loser. 

we have an ultrasound this morning! this is the ultra sound where we would find out the sex, so we will just have to suppress the urge to know and close our eyes. eeee!

also did you hear about the girl who went bungee jumping and the cord snapped?! srsly OMFG. and if that wasn't bad enough, the waters into which she fell were crocodile-infested rapids. CROCODILES! RAPIDS! i mean that is the absolute worst thing that can happen when bungee jumping. AND that right there is why i'm not too keen on adventurous things. and that also means that i will probably live longer than those who partake in such adventurous things because i choose to be boring and safe.


  1. I'm right there with you about being boring. You won't see me skydiving anytime soon. What if there is a hole in the parachute?! If bungee cords can break, anything is possible. I love your pink Hunter boots!!

  2. I was wondering with your pregnancy, are you eating anything special (not as in weird cravings) but like making sure you eat certain extra healthy foods, or more of certain vitamins?

  3. omg i totally dont do adventurous things either because im afraid of dying a slow, agonizing death or cutting off my limbs like james franco did in that one movie just to survive. no broken bones for this biotch because i dont do crazy shit!

  4. tara-- i take my prenatal vitamins and eat cheese sandwiches and oranges. does that count as extra healthy foods? hahahhh :)


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