Thursday, January 19, 2012

ice day

pants: Gap, blouse: F21, sweater: Target, flower: gift, smoking slippers: TJ Maxx

my smoking slippers! my smoking slippers! i just love them. they're so comfortable and a fun way to switch things up from the typical ballet flat.

today it is raining. so all the snow is turning to ice. it's a giant mess over here. all the schools are closed again, but Seattle U has a game tonight, so JJ has to go to work. yesterday the time flew by too fast. it was glorious fun to have JJ home on a Wednesday. we needed firewood but i didn't want him to leave the house, i wanted him to have a REAL real snow day where he doesn't ever leave the comfort of the inside, so i volunteered to go. and so i pulled on my snowboots and cleared the snow off my car and drove 3 miles an hour to the grocery store for wood. isn't that nice of me? JJ ended up leaving the house last night anyway for some taco bell beefy crunch burritos without the beef. omg you guys. it's taco bell's newest 99 cent revelation. there's rice and beef (if you want it) and nacho cheese and sour cream and hot fritos. i mean it is BEYOND delicious. and to balance out the TB, i ate a can of mandarin oranges. and then the power went out for like 5 minutes.

the local news coverage has hogged the TV completely which is so annoying because i really wanted to see the segment on the today show where Jason Wu for Target collection. i watched it online but it just wasn't the same. i really wish i had all the dollars in the world to spend on this collection. it's harder to justify silly clothing purchases now that there's a baby coming who actually will need things, ya know? i mean it's a MIRACLE that i got LV before baby.  

JJ's parents come to town tomorrow and the poor dears are going to be freezing. i hope the snow melts mostly. his Mom keeps calling and asking if she should go and buy gloves and a hat or boots or warm socks. ohhhhhh those spoiled southern Californians.

as for me and Cleo, today we will get lost in a book and possibly get brave enough for a walk. the only thing is i don't want to slip and fall with no one but a 7-pound dog to help me.


  1. Saw the Jason Wu segment and immediately thought of you. Want me to be at my local Target when it opens?

  2. I love those smoking slippers :)

    xoxo, Jjanga


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