Monday, January 16, 2012

the importance of 90s movies

skirt: American Apparel, sweatshirt: j.crew, boots: Lucky, socks: Gap

this skirt is the very best skirt in the world. it is the epitome of girl and i adore it. 

it snowed here this weekend. and it's supposed to continue all week. which is maddening because my Mom is supposed to come visit this week and go to ikea with me and help me build ikea purchases (JJ is about as useful with a hammer and nails as a monkey). but if the mountain pass is snowy and terrible, then she can't. 

last night JJ chose the movie. he picked Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead. i was like wtf is this? i don't want to watch this. and he was all offended and said "WHAT?! you've NEVER seen this?! it's a GREAT movie." and actually it was pretty hilarious. Christina Applegate and Sexy Will from The Good Wife were so cute and young. 
it's been so cold lately. and we don't have carpet in the house (which is GREAT most of the time, don't get me wrong) but nothing is worse than waking up in the middle of the night to pee and putting your toes on ice cold hardwood floors. so i have started sleeping in socks. plus JJ turns down the temp to 60 at night so it's like a god damned igloo in here. even Cleo has been sleeping under the covers. i complained and he said to me, "you're supposed to be hot right now." and i was like "what? why?" and he said, "because on Father of the Bride Part II, Annie and Nina are hot all the time when they're pregnant." it's great to know JJ has learned the truths about pregnancy from a 90s movie.

golden globe wrap-up: i'm so over Brad & Angelina. like shut up with your hair and that cane Brad. but of course Angelina looked completely stunning. Reese Witherspoon looked totally bangin'. Octavia Spencer was so genuine and lovely. Sofia Vergara's body is so unfairly sexy. loved Julie Bowen's capped sleeves. Emma Stone is SO cool. Rooney Mara looked ratbone chic. Zooey Deschanel--i like you but STOP with those sideburns.

and to Elle MacPherson: i'm going to STEAL your dress. steal it.


  1. shut up jeremy! father of the bride part 2? hahahahahdkfja;dkfjs;lfksdjf;lkasjdf.

  2. Oh JJ!!! That's hysterical.
    Now I have to go look up all those dresses.....

  3. Um you look absolutely Adorbs. I heart that skirt! Could not agree more with Golden Globe recap. I want to be Charlize with her bling headband and obnoxious bow.

    So glad you liked Don't Tell Mom. Kids of the 80's must unite as parents to make sure our kids learn life lessons from 80's movies.


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