Tuesday, January 17, 2012

king size isn't big enough

skirt/tights: Target, tee: LOFT, heels: Nine West

the impending snow storm is so dramatic. schools closed, the news claiming it will be the worst storm since 1985, etc. i think i shall dress in my coziest sweats and hole up at home and read today. 

pregnancy has made my feet ice cubes. like they literally cannot get warm. even in uggs. even in two pairs of socks. even in slippers. they're permanently cold and it's tres frustrating. i just want warm feeeeeeet. my Mom said to exercise. pshhhhhh for one, how are warm feet and exercise even related? and secondly, this nasty weather does not permit exercise.

what? Paula Deen has diabetes? i'm SO surprised. 

i went to see The Descendants yesterday and it was wonderful. i was totally shocked to learn that Amy from SLOTAT is actually a fabulous little actress. i ate an entire king size kitkat bar in theater. and the worst part is, after i ate all 8 sticks, i absentmindedly reached down for another. like i could have gone on eating kitkats ALL DAY. the king size just wasn't big enough. so embarrassing. and 8 kitkat sticks gave JimmyFrank a bit of a sugar high. bouncing around and kicking all over the place. i was like jeeez c'mon JF, take it easy in there, we're in public.  

1 comment:

  1. You look fabulous! (again) Invest in a heated blanket for the cold feet problem *ps it doesn't go away after birth* AND the Paula Deen comment made me LOL.



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