Thursday, January 12, 2012

ponchos & smoking slippers & ricotta cheese

leggings: Old Navy, long-sleeved tee: Gap, poncho: TJ Maxx, flower: Anthropologie,  boots: Lucky, sunglasses: Betsey Johnson

these are my Kourtney K cat eye sunglasses. you know, i don't care what they say, i still tune in. 

i always said i'd never wear a poncho. i also said i'd never wear a pair of smoking slippers. but now i desperately want these rhinestone ones. it's funny how things change.

i made an old easy recipe last night. stuffed spinach and ricotta cheese shells with marinara. JJ's favorite. and it's so easy it's stupid. from real simple magazine. they have the best recipes and they're all so easy, even i can make them! except i spent $10 on ricotta cheese. wtf? has the price of ricotta cheese gone up lately? bullshit! also bullshit: hostess is filing for bankruptcy. OMFG. america was built on the twinkie. how will we ever survive?!

tomorrow night i'm going to over to KKiss' house for a sleepover. and we are going to make homemade ice cream. doesn't that sound so fun/14-year-old of us?! i'm so excited! JJ has a game to work tomorrow night and i cannot bear a whole day and night alone, so i invited myself to KKiss' house. she lives in a town called Lacey. which is really annoying. because that's my name. only it's spelled wrong. i'm going to bring ingredients over to make dinner. AND i'm planning on making dinner tonight. so. there it is. that's three home-cooked meals in one week. is this my maternal instinct kicking in?

truth: i really don't want to sound like an alcoholic or anything, but i realllllly miss a good glass of cabernet. 

also it's supposed to snow here on sun, mon and tues. not interested. Christmas is over. snow is not welcome on MY lawn. (heheeee my lawn. i have a lawn!!! speaking of, JJ's parents got us a giftcard to the home depot to get a lawn mower for Christmas! and we were so thrilled! you know you're getting old when that scenario is your real life)


  1. i DESPERATELY want leopard print smoking slippers! target has some in different colors, but they're a cheapy plastic and don't look comfortable for my feet, which have to work a whole lot harder to hold up my fat A these days.

  2. You remind me of Carrie Bradshaw with that big gorgeous flower!! Love this look!


  3. Check out Nordy's for smoking slips- they have some good ones. I'm so bitter about you having a lawn that I'm bringing the Stells over to pee on it. kthnxbye.

  4. Since you're into cooking....i made this the other night and it was delish and easy! Thought of you since it's vegetarian.

  5. Why is it called smoking slippers? I didn't see smoke coming out from that slippers or maybe every steps that she walks makes smoke after that.


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