Monday, January 9, 2012

SO not ok.

we had our ultrasound today.

it was so fun to see the little nugget on the big screen. the woman said it was a really active child--it wouldn't stop moving during the ultrasound! we laughed because now we know FOR SURE that JJ is the father. since JJ doesn't ever stop moving either. hahh

anyway, it was wonderful and magical and so cute when we got to see the baby's little feet. and its hands all curled up under its chin. it was such a special experience.


the woman handed us the pictures.

one in particular:

i'm sorry. BUT WTF IS THAT?!?!!? I'LL TELL YOU. IT'S THE BABY'S FACE. ITS FACE. IT LOOKS LIKE A GHOUL. THE BABY'S NEW NAME IS JIMMYFRANK THE ONE-EYED SKELETOR HOBBIT GHOUL. OMFGGGGGGGG. JJ and i like screamed out loud when we saw this. it is 100 percent creepy. like i don't want to see this. not even kind of. NO WAYYYY! but as they say, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. SO, if indeed our child looks like this when it comes out, i'm definitely going to encourage him/her become an actor for horror films.

honestly i don't know what that woman was thinking. why would ANYONE want this picture?! it's so scarrrrrrrrry! she saw the looks on our faces and was like "it's okay, it just looks scary right now because the baby doesn't have any fat yet." ummmmmmmmmm. that totally doesn't make us feel better lady. not. at. all.

but she also gave us this one picture of a cute little baby with a button nose which made us feel better:

it's much cuter from this view.


  1. You crack me up!! My sentiments EXACTLY to those ultrasound pics! Crazy cool and all but... you put it so well: kinda scaaaary!!! :)

  2. OMG I feel like this would only happen to you...because its hilarious!

  3. just found your blog and can't stop laughing at that first ultrasound pic. wow. thank goodness for the second one. there is a cute little baby in there!!

  4. Wow, just stumbled across your blog via Distinctly M which I found via my friend Ruthy's blog, Discovery Street. I'm crying laughing so loud and wheezing like a smoker that I've woken up my husband in bed next to me. This is hilarious!


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