Monday, January 23, 2012

a touristy weekend

dress: F21, blazer: Wet Seal, infinity scarf: gift/H&M, heels: Steve Madden via Ross

can i just say that Olivia Wilde is stupidly good-looking? i mean OMG. how did she get so pretty? also Heidi and Seal broke up. wtf? love in Hollywood is gone. gone gone gone. i feel cheated. they were so in love. i thought. and now it's just over. which annoys me. like, "you've grown apart" ?? then go to a marriage counselor and try to fix it and grow closer again. celebrities get bored too easily. and they fix it by getting divorced. so sad.

we thoroughly enjoyed the winter wonderland, but thankfully now it's almost gone. JJ's parents had a blast here this weekend! they brought us a few adorable teensy tiny little baby outfits. (we definitely need to get going on getting baby's room ready!) we did touristy things like go to Pike Place Market (where Cleo had diarrhea on the street. and i threw up in the bathroom. reallllll classy. for some reason my stomach cannot handle tylenol anymore...???) and eat brunch in the Space Needle. JJ's Dad bought tons of fish to be shipped to their house and he couldn't have been more thrilled. they stayed right downtown and we took them to fancy restaurants. we showed them around our little town and spent some time lazing around our little house. and they took us to Costco (the most unfriendly Costco in the world. Costco workers are usually so jubilant and highly energized and generally jazzed to be alive, am i right? but these people are a bunch of grumpy trolls. i tried to make conversation with two of them and both were so rude) yesterday which was fabulous. and they bought us a new shaggy area rug that feels so unbelievably great on bare toes. JJ, Cleo and i all joyfully rolled around on it last night. 

ohhhh Monday, you always come back. we can always count on you to come back. boo.


  1. You're such a liar!! I don't believe you're pregnant, you're just too gorgeous and skinny and your legs! Lol, pregnancy really does agree with you and I think your style has changed a bit in the last few months, no? You rock...liar!

  2. I am also devastated about Heidi and Seal. Wtf?! I thought they were an exception to Hollywood...

  3. Tell me they are those big fiber shag rugs...option of grey or beige?! I love those and have been coveting them every time I go.

  4. seriously, grumpy costco employees? not okay. disneyland and costco = the happiest places on earth.


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