Wednesday, January 11, 2012

what's in a name?

pants/top: F21, vest: American Eagle, scarf: H&M, boots: BCBG

look at that! you can't even tell i'm pregnant from the front. oh but i am. my back is starting to ache. and i'm having trouble bending over. and sleeping is uncomfortable. but i am feeling great otherwise. and baby likes it when i eat. every time i'm finished with a meal, it moves wildly around, it's funny and such a peculiar feeling.  so cool!

but not cool is the fact that the picture of JimmyFrank the one-eyed skeletor ghoul literally haunted my dreams. alsdjkfklasdkasjdfal and wtf beyonce and jay-z?! really? blue? BLUE IS NOT A NAME. c'monnnnn. just stupid. 

but really names are hard. really hard. like its what people will be calling the baby all of its life. forever. you can't just pick one. it has to be thought out and sincere. it is a very hard job weighing under a lot of pressure to choose a name. we are having a hard time picking. because it's a REALLY big deal, ya know? my mom was worried to name me such a girlie name in case i turned out to be a big buff softball player built like an ox. it turns out my name suits me just right and i'm really quite girlie. so maybe in part the baby will live up to whatever name we choose. in any case, i just want to give my child an identity with his/her name. something that he/she will appreciate and love someday. something nice. and easy to say. and easy to spell. we'll come up with something. i hope. like i said, SO MUCH PRESSURE.


  1. Seriously, it's so hard. I had NO idea how hard it would be to name a human being. And since I've always been exceptionally bad at naming my pets, I was very worried that I'd curse my poor child with a horrible name. We finally settled on one just a couple days before he was born.

    Good luck! I'm sure you'll pick a good one :)

  2. Your bump is adorable and your outfit is amazing :)


  3. All of your name choices are lovely, strong and classic! Maybe pick a couple boy and couple girl names so you can decide on the big day.

  4. Lol at the comment above, I've just re read your post and you haven't written any names down?!

    Hope the pressure isn't too much! Enjoy being pregnant and the excitement! I bet you can't wait


  5. I've got $10 on if its a boy... Jimmy Frank sticks...

  6. Its so hard to pick! We had twins so it was insane! But in the end, we picked and never told anyone- it stayed between my husband and I and it was so much fun still having a bit of a secret then sharing when they were born! Have fun with it :)

  7. An article on baby names I just read! Good luck!


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