Tuesday, January 10, 2012

what's on L's phone?!

looking out the window in the morning together.

 JJ just sent me this picture yesterday. it's from black friday shopping for our washer/dryer and fridge. and as you can probably gather from my grumpy facial expression, it was not a desirable experience.


THAT. is a cute bum.

what a manly man building a fire!

Beach Babe

19 weeks

Moon sent me this t-shirt in my Christmas package. go zappos/6pm.com!

i mean is there anything more maddening than this?! when you get or give a gift and realize the security tag is still attached??!?!!? so frustrating. my sister M got me this really cute bag with the thing still attached. and it isn't her fault, it's the store's fault! so i marched in there and demanded they remove it. the most annoying part is that the store people get all suspicious of you like you stole it. noooo we did not steal it. one of your incompetent workers forgot to remove this damn thing!! i got it removed, but i feel like this is a fairly regular occurrence. happens at least once a year. totally unacceptable. get it together retail people!!!

i got a new lamp and i just love it. the shade has pictures of little keys on it. so so sweet.

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  1. You're the cutest pregnant lady ever! Congrats to you and Jeremy!


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