Tuesday, January 17, 2012

what's on L's phone?!

the hideous snowboots my Mom bought me that actually came in handy today.

20 weeks. halfway there!

hahahahah this made my day. there was an article in Real Simple magazine about fitness. and this girl is eating the most delicious cheeseballs from Target that are so good yet so disgustingly bad for you. i took this pic and sent it to Rah for a laugh. what's most hilarious about this photo is that she's eating them just as they're meant to be eaten--by the handful--shoved into the mouth. 

SNOW DAY! (supposed to get another 8-14 inches tonight)

KKiss' homemade ice cream! was so delish.

napping Cleo.

new and effective advertising: on a gas pump! i srsly wanted to go buy chips after i saw this. 

this is my general outlook on people who are too serious in life.

L shaped wood!

 this is a conversation i had with my Mom today. she was supposed to come here tomorrow but now she's not because of the stupid stupid stupid snow. but srsly. doesn't that emoticon look like fingers that are pinching a nipple?!


  1. mom's are the best. that convo is hilarious. i especially love the cheese ball pick. and how she has the bucket but also has them stock piled in her machine. so doing that next time at the gym.

  2. Omg I thought the same thing the other night when I came to the cheese ball pic while flipping thru RS. So delicious. So comforting to know I'm not the only one that noticed that. Damn you Target and your cheeseballz!


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