Tuesday, January 24, 2012

what's on L's phone?!

 brunching. JimmyFrank is quite prominent in this one. 

view from the Space Needle

i found these white winter berries on a walk with Cleo and found myself weirdly yearning to shove them all in my mouth. wtf? they're probs poison, but they look so foreign and irresistibly delicious.

every year around Valentine's Day i get a hankering for these perfectly crafted heart cakes. they are SO good. and SO bad for you. so JJ and i shared one pack instead of eating two each. oooooh WHO am i kidding?! i'll probs eat like 3 packs of them today.

top of the Needle. JJ's bed head. hahahahhahaaa

JJ went out to buy me a heating pad for my achy back and picked up some super-sale candy canes. he said, "forty-two cents, how could i lose?!" 

the new rug. ooooooh the new rug! it's perfection. and Cleo matches it perfectly. 

hahahah that's my friend The Black Dahlia. JJ and i were watching the Gonzaga game on TV and a commercial came on showing old footage of student fans. i was like "OMG IS THAT D?!?!" so we rewound the TV and there she is, front and center, celebrating the Zags on November 11, 2007. oh, college. 

Cleo just being cuteeee with her long dog toy.

last week's wintery walk.

JJ wearing my hat and looking thrilled.

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