Wednesday, February 15, 2012

abrubt change

pants: F21, top: TJ Maxx, sweater: Anna Sui for Target, belt: Gap, boots: Miz Mooz

i love this sweater, but it's so damn itchy. nothing is worse than an itchy sweater. especially if it's a turtleneck. 

Spokane was a nice little trip. it was fun to see the little kiddies, and i was so glad JJ got to come and help me! i also got to see my good friend Sabs who is in massage school and gave me a lovely little pregnancy massage on Friday after the kids went to bed. my lower back was utterly grateful. we also got to see my parents and sisters for like, 20 minutes at a bagel breakfast before all three of them were hanging from the booths like monkeys and getting cream cheese in every crevasse of the restaurant. JJ and i said a quick "GREATTOSEEYOUGUYSBYE" before we wrestled the children back into the car and took them home. so we really didn't get to hang out with them, but it's okay because we are going home this weekend. 

at the end of the weekend JJ looked at me all tired and harried and said, "well....maybe we just have the one," referring to JimmyFrank. hahahaa but srsly--going from quiet evenings with just Cleo to a full-fledged, three-children circus was quite the abrupt change. i think a baby screaming at 3 in the morning for the teat will also be an abrupt change.

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