Wednesday, February 8, 2012


skirt: UO, blouse: William Rast for Target, blazer/boots: BCBG, pearls: Nordstrom Rack

this afternoon i'm flying to Spokane to babysit M, S and P while their parents take a much-needed vacation. i'm so excited to see those little nuggets--it's been so long! i have to say that packing for this trip was the easiest packing job i've ever done. i just packed what still fits. threw 4 t-shirts, maternity leggings, yoga pants, uggs and sweatshirts in the bag. i mean SO easy. i also packed underwear, don't worry. 

i'm feeling huge. like i really feel like this thing is growing at an incredible rate. and i misjudge the depth and circumference of my giant belly. like i forget that it's there sometimes and think i can still squeeze through spaces that i actually cannot. for instance, we were out to dinner a while ago and i got up to use the ladies room, and i turned sideways to slip between my own chair and the guy's chair who was behind me. and I HIT HIM IN THE HEAD WITH MY BELLY. like OMG. so embarr. he turned around and i patted him on the shoulder and was like "oh, oh, oh. i'm so sorry" then i ran/waddled off. then just yesterday at the grocery store i leaned to grab a box of little debbie nutty bars (OMGSHUTUP. DON'T JUDGE ME. PLUS, THEY WERE OUT OF VALENTINE HEART CAKES) and my belly knocked over two boxes of animal crackers on a display rack! red-faced, i bent over (which prompted the unplanned but inevitable grunt) and picked up the boxes, set them back on the display and rushed to the checkout. and you know, my belly is only going to get bigger and more cumbersome. aye yi yi.


  1. You are just the cutest pregnant woman in knee high boots that's not a stripper ev-er! haha. Seriously though, super cute. I'm taking notes so that someday I can be a pregnant, knee high boot non-stripper too, don't you worry. :)
    I seriously laughed out loud TWICE while reading this blog. I was already thinking about the grunt before you said you grunted and that made me snort laugh. Embarr. F'real. :D

  2. just stalked you for .. well.. a while. err.. in a non creepy way of course.

    you. are. too. cute.

  3. you look so beautiful and classy, and i am so excited for you to be a mommy. love your blog :)hilarious.

  4. So, I'm supposed to be working right now but thought I'd have a cheeky read of your blog on my phone... Big mistake, laughing out loud totally gave me away! Love love x

  5. Just found your blog a few mins ago through Cats & Cardigans. Oh my goodness!! This post is so funny! I would have died if I were pregnant and bumped the belly into some dude's head. Eeeep!


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