Friday, February 3, 2012

happy things and sad things

corduroys: Gap, shirt/belt: Abercrombie, sweater: TJ Maxx, shoes: Vera for Kohl's
my parents (and my cousin and my Dad's friends) came and went and we got lots of home repairs! my chandeliers are finally installed, the backyard is fenced in for Cleo, i have more storage for my clothes, we have a brand new pantry, and lots of other things below the house that i didn't really understand and can't see but i know were fixed. AND. my mom and i went shopping on Saturday and we got a rocking chair for the baby's room! it's so fabulous and comfortable. and i picked out the dream crib, and we also bought some teensy tiny white baby clothes and the cutest little white stuffed bunny. it was a very fun day. and now the baby's room has nothing in it but baby things, which makes the baby's impending arrival all the more real. 
that's it. the designer collections for target have been tainted and ruined forevermore. evil, evil people came in yesterday and took everything. ALL of the jason wu clothes and the bags and the scarves. then went home and put them on ebay for triple the original price. these people don't even appreciate fashion. they just want to capitalize. it's beyond infuriating and takes away all the fun. i left target empty-handed and brokenhearted. then on the way home i got pulled over for expired tabs and got a ticket. it was the very worst morning. i came in the house, threw my keys on the ground and cried dramatically.
then we went to watch the superbowl at LJ and her husband's apartment. the two dears who know me too well bought me a king sized kitkat bar that i ate all by myself. and we had nachos and guacamole. LJ and i chatted and googled "Beyonce fake pregnancy" while the boys watched the game and ate chili dogs (that i had the pleasure of smelling all night long). i was the only one who liked Madonna's performance, and the VW dog commercial where he works out and tries to get in shape was the best one. 
monday comes too quickly.


  1. omg the VW bug commercial was my favorite! if only i had half the motivation of that dog... so sad about jason wu :( i left empty-handed, too.

  2. same thing happened when I happened upon the Wu collection on sad and ridiculous! I thought Madonna rocked it for a woman in her 50's!

  3. You know- if you weren't pregnant, I would punch you. (figuratively of course) I have been trying (and failing) to pull off the collar shirt + sweater look. and here you are, pregnant and making it look fabulous and effortless. I am super jealous.


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