Thursday, February 23, 2012

the last pre-baby trips

jeans: Gap, blouse: JC Penney, sweater: Banana Republic, scarf: Jason Wu for Target, shoes: TJ Maxx

i'm quite patriotic, no? i feel like elle woods in the second legally blonde movie. how LUCKY that my wonderful Mom found a solitary Jason Wu scarf at her target that was returned?! i was so excited to open it up in my Valentine's package.

JJ and i have so many fun trips planned before the baby is born including 3 jaunts down to southern California, one surprise 26th birthday trip for JJ planned by me, his wife, and one babymoon weekend getaway. plus a few weekend trips to Selah and Spokane. we are going to be busy and i like it. except next weekend JJ gets to go to Vegas for the WCC tournament. and i don't. i figured it would be a little awkward/tacky to be a 6-months sober pregnant lady rolling around the strip trying to fit in with the college girls in tiny dresses. OHHHHHHH to be a college girl in a tiny anyway, this trip will be JJ's last hurrah man trip before baby comes, and he's really excited. so i'm trying not to sully it with a pissy attitude. only he gets to see Rah and Moon and that makes me really very jealous. not fairrrrrrrrrrrr. i will miss the WCC antics. was it only last year that i spent $30 on a Kim Kardashian lollipop while waltzing around the city with a 3-foot tall drink in a leather vest?! i digress. 

it's so strange to think that post-baby, traveling will be a whole new beast with the stroller and car seat, poopy diapers and pacifiers...and inevitably being The People with the Screaming Baby on the Plane Whom Everyone Hates. because don't even lie, we have ALL been the one who gave the haggard mother in 7B with greasy and unkempt roots the stink eye when her child won't shut the hell up.

SO, needless to say, it will be fun to go on our last trips before the baby comes. to travel with ease and to have the luxury of settling into a good book on the plane. speaking of, i'm reading Bringing up Bebe right now and it's really good. i want my child to be a perfect French angel--especially while traveling. 


  1. Please pencil in a trip to AZ so I can rub that tummy!

  2. I'm glad you guys will get to enjoy some fun time together before your baby comes! "babymoon", so cute. I totally used to be the one giving the poor mom of the screaming child the stink-eye. but no longer. I now understand her pain.


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