Friday, February 3, 2012

little dogs have feelings too

skirt: F21, tee: Target

today my parents come to help with repairs on our house. AND my mom and i are going to shop for a crib! so fun. 

and now i'm going to rant. 

yesterday i took Cleo to the dog beach and we were just strolling along minding our own business when a stupid, stupid man with his scary, huge doberman pinscher said to me, "you could attach her to a stick and use her as a dust mop, she's so fluffy" gesturing towards Cleo. i just stared at him. like did he think by adding "she's so fluffy" on the end of his vile sentence would make it nicer? i mean c'mon guy, i said nothing about your hideous hiking boots and your mean, killer-looking dog, leave us alone! people are rude. 

and you know, there's a very big difference between Big Dog People and Little Dog People. Big Dog People love nothing more than to make "your dog looks like a rat with hair" and "you have a drop-kick dog" and "your dog would be a snack for my dog heh heh heh" jokes. i get those comments ALL. THE. TIME. and it hurts our (mine and Cleo's) feelings. we saunter down the beach at our own slow pace, and when your golden retriever sneaks up from behind, charges my tiny pup and knocks her to the ground and makes her scream, do not run over to me laughing and say, "ohh don't worry about him, he's totally harmless and gentle." because he's not! he scared Cleo and hurt her. like get yourself together and gain control of your massive beast. we don't say mean things to Big Dog People about how their great dane must take disgusting shits the size of cars or how their lab who jumped out of the ocean and shook his nasty wet dog body all over us is just a big giant idiot. no, we don't say mean things because we are polite. be polite back to us! little dogs and their people have feelings too. 

the end.


  1. ugh. poor cleo :( and you, l! stupid big dog owners. you're right, there is a distinct difference. i have a little daschund, and people love to say she is a rat/rodent/looks like dobby from HP. it breaks my heart because i think she is beautiful :)

  2. i hear ya! i have a silky terrier and everyone makes fun of her size. i was walking her once and this greyhound and fatass bulldog ran across the street and scared the living daylights out of her! she was shaking so bad i had to carry her all the way home. the owner was just like, 'oh, sorry.' small dogs are the best because they are so cute and do funny things, like bounce off the couch when they try to jump up. plus they have little poops so it's way less disgusting to pick up!

  3. This is the most truth ever. Like when people are like "what is that?" what does it look like? Just because she's small and mini and absolutely adorable doesn't mean she's a mop head. Or an exceptionally large rat. I also hate when I put pink everything all over my dog and people still say "what's HIS name?" people are SO dense. And when a 368 pound dog runs a tiny teeny baby dog over it does too hurt! Also, when your big dog knocks me over with his gross wet dirty feet, it's not cute. Us LDP have to band together to protect our babes!

  4. So frikkin' true.

    Big dogs = Big Poo. Um Grosssss.

    I'll take my little dog over a big dog, any day. :)

  5. This is SO true. I get this all the time with Stells and she can hold her own with big dogs. Do you notice how "big dog people" NEVER clean up big dog poo? This is a psychological experiment in the making! ;)

  6. I literally lol'd at work over "like get yourself together and gain control of your massive beast."

    SO. TRUE.

    Have you ever noticed too how Big Dog people never seem to have a mother effing leash? Oh, you think leashes were made so we could keep our vicious 10 pound terriers away from your boxer? NO. Leashes were made so ALL dog owners would be respectful to each other and keep everyone's dogs SAFE.

    Get a clue.

    Also, I don't want your 10-year old golden roaming my lawn and shitting in my bark. K thanks.


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