Thursday, February 16, 2012

the raccoon debate

pants: Hot Topic, blouse: H&M, sweater vest: hand-me-down from Rah/Abercrombie, belt: Gap, smoking slippers: TJ Maxx

my favorite commercials ever are the coca-cola polar bear commercials. and the past few years, i have noticed their blatant absence around Christmas. only last night i finally saw a coca-cola polar bear commercial! during american idol! it was so thrilling. 

so i got excited and said, "i just love those polar bears, i want to hug them!" 
and JJ said, "yeah, they really are cute."
and i said, "but they're real mean in real life. which is sad."
and JJ said, "yeah, they're like raccoons." 
"ummm what? no they're not," i said.
"yes they are. such a cute animal but so mean and unfriendly."
then he turned to me with the saddest, sweetest puss n boots eyes and said really quietly and calmly, "L...raccoons are beautiful." 
and i laughed and i laughed and i laughed. "NO THEY'RE NOT! they look like scary evil bandits with fangs and janky claws that will rip your face off!" 
"NO THEY DON'T! they look like big, cute cats and you just want to pet them," he said. 

and so we proceeded to engage in a heated debate about raccoons for the next 20 minutes. JJ even googled on his phone and brought up a picture of a fluffy baby raccoon in a tree and said, "how can you not think that's absolutely adorable?!" and i was all "JJ you can't type 'baby raccoon' into google, that's cheating." because everyone knows that all baby animals are cute. and then he brought up an adult raccoon and i was like "ew! no! see?! that thing is just SCARY!" and he cocked his head and said, "no, no it's not. it's cute." and then he brought up a picture of a mom raccoon and a baby raccoon in a trap and we both got sad. even ugly raccoons don't deserve to be in traps. so we had to stop looking at the pictures.

anyway, we ended up agreeing to disagree on the 'Are Raccoons Cute Animals?' topic. but really though, i'm right.


  1. Hahaha you ARE right. Raccoons are gross mangy rabid animals that eat trash. On the last day of our honeymoon we put out trash outside because we stayed in a condo without housekeeping and they said they would walk through and pick up trash and towels that were left out. Anyway. We set our trash outside and we opened the door like 15 minutes later to the garbage completey deatroyed and drug out around the entire complex. And two disgusting raccoons in the midst of it. Sick. Sicksicksick. Polar bears > raccoons. Not even a debate. =]

  2. you win. racooms are disgusting and they eat trash. gross.

  3. LOVE the hair aaaand the vest too. ;)

    You are right. Raccoons = dirty & rabid. Sorry JJ,

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