Wednesday, February 22, 2012

terrorist squirrel

dress: Rodarte for Target, boots: BCBG

you can't even really see my belly in these pictures. which is weird because it's definitely growing at an INCREDIBLE rate at this point. JF is a mover. if i stare at my belly i can see limbs poking around and jerking my stomach every which way. JF is definitely not a gentle being thus far. and my creaky old man back. poor dear JJ runs around to fetch my heating pad and body pillow whenever i whine. he's so nice. sometimes. yesterday i wore a midriff-baring tee from abercrombie for no reason other than i can. my belly was just hangin around, out and free. it felt pretty good.

i have been following the trendy obsession with Downton Abbey and so far SO GOOD. it's on PBS so one doesn't even have to have cable to watch it. season 1 is also streaming on netflix right now. as a result, every time i speak to Cleo, it's in a British accent (i.e. "Cleo, dahling, will you take your aftahnoon tea in the gahden today?")

there is a squirrel. one squirrel who frequents my backyard. he comes everyday. and i hate him. because i'll be outside taking outfit pictures and all of a sudden he'll leap over the fence within inches of my head, damn near giving me a stroke. or i'll be taking the garbage out and he runs across my feet, causing me to inhale silently and deeply in preparation for a terrified scream. then i realize it's only him and yell "F*$@ YOU" instead at his perfectly fluffy tail skittering away. for no reason, he is terrorizing me. i just hate him.

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  1. Hmmmm I'm sat here in the UK awaiting series 3 of Dowton Abbey.... Dahling!


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