Thursday, February 9, 2012

the things that happen before 8 a.m.

pants: F21, top: Macy's, jacket/boots: BCBG, fur cowl: H&M

i am officially in the land of my past! i'm happy to report that all three kids made it to school this morning and at least two thirds of them had their teeth brushed. 7 eggos were consumed for breakfast, 3 lunches were packed, and 1 steaming poo was taken in the potty training toilet right in the middle of the TV room so as not to miss a particularly riveting episode of Mickey Mouse Club. i miss the craziness of my days spent with these lovable savages. 

i'm taking the littlest to lunch today. i cannot wait to sink my teeth into my most favorite of all foods in the entire world: the #11 from SF Sourdough. ihdfkjdahfkashfkja 


  1. How cute are you!! I LOVE your blog. I've gone back way too far reading your hilarious posts and sending them to my sis & hubby. We ALL love you and cry from laughing so hard :)


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