Monday, February 20, 2012

a trip home

turtleneck/skirt: Target, vest: American Eagle, boots: Steve Madden

we had a fun little trip to Selah this last weekend. except it took us 4 hours to get home. FOUR. usually it takes 2.5. there was snow on the pass and traffic. blech. but we had a lovely time. doughnuts were eaten on saturday morning, golf was played (for the men), antique shopping was enjoyed (for the gals), shrimp and steak was made on saturday night, a trip to the movies was had on sunday, followed by a date with Grandma and Pappy. and of course lots of snuggles/fights with Chanel. i brought her catnip, but Bitch still bit me in the elbow for no reason while i was innocently laying in bed on sunday morning. rude.

lately i have an immensely ginormous struggle with sitting in one position for too long. it's impossible to get comfortable with a protruding belly. also, i have suddenly developed a MASSIVE sweet tooth. i literally ate 8 chocolate chip cookies yesterday in the span of 2 hours. and after every meal i find myself pining for dessert. it's ridiculous. i've always liked sweets, but now i've gone completely crazy. like what is wrong with me that i have to have sugar after every single meal? i'm an addict.

and lastly, and most depressingly, yesterday was the saddest day on this calendar year. as it signified the expiration of my Disneyland Annual Passport. i left my heart with Mickey on California Screamin' with a jalapeƱo pretzel. sob. tears.


  1. I also have a ridic sweet tooth - this baby LOVES cookies... and ice cream... and everything else that will show up on my @$$. Yeah!

  2. bleeeergh i feel your pain. i am NEVER comfortable for more than like 2 minutes. i'll find a cozy position and be like, "aaah finally" and then right after that it's, "MY LEGS ARE NUMB." i just want to sleep on my stomach again.


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