Friday, February 17, 2012

we should all speak Finnish

dress: Betsey Johnson (thnx Ma), blazer: Wet Seal, heels: DSW, flower: Anthropologie

the funniest thing about being pregnant is not having to worry about a flat stomach. take this dress for instance. normally i would have to wear spanx with it and be uncomfortable all day because it is tight and stretchy and hugs one's body very snugly. but now that i'm pregnant, it accentuates JF's house so nicely. it's really easy to just let it all hang out--because it's supposed to. speaking of, he/she was like kicking my ribs the other night. MY RIBS. wtf? like how does It wedge Its little self all up in there to reach my ribs? i had to say to It, "baby. stop. stop it. stop kicking my damn ribs." it was the first time i scolded It. and then i felt kind of bad. i mean it can't be comfortable to be in that small space all the time. notice how the English language doesn't have a proper pronoun that could work for both genders? it's really annoying. did you know that the Finnish language does not use gender-specific pronouns? nope. they don't. it's real simple. "hän" is for human (he or she) and "se" is for animal. so much easier. especially when dealing with unborn children. and also hermaphrodites.

on a completely unrelated note, who in the hell is dressing Natalie Morales lately? she has been looking like Dorothy on Golden Girls. her outfit on Valentine's Day was just atrocious. which is annoying because she is a completely hot young thing, she should be dressing like it.


  1. I used to be able to speak Finnish when I was young. I should have kept up on that.

  2. When have you ever needed spanx?? lol no seriously, you're killing me.

    Pregnant looks good on you.

  3. han looks good in you! LOVE the dress....and LOVE you more..xoxo


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