Tuesday, February 7, 2012

what's on L's phone?!

JJ has a bum pancreas. although i'd never seen what a pancreas is supposed to look like until i saw this picture. it looks like a sharp booger covered in scales. and how can that dumb little thing be so important?

sunshine in Seattle = lots of time outside


the bunny on the left is the new one i bought for the baby. the bunny on the right is my old, old bunny. he looks dingy and gray. but really he is dapper and handsome and perfect.

i was taking a shower yesterday and reached for my shampoo only to find that there was an empty beer can in my shower caddy. hahahahahahaha my Dad and his entourage snaked the tub while they were here. such a nice reminder that my house was full of burly hardworking men last weekend.

my new parasol umbrella that makes me feel like mary poppins.

 i'm getting quite annoying with these sunshine pictures, aren't i? last year in the California the sun was out everyday and i just took it for granted.

23 weeks. i think it's time to retire that hoodie. it's lookin a little small.

the perfect lunch of pasta roma and dr. pepper in the backyard.

this is real. it's for sale. a jersey shore GTL collar and leash combo set for your dog. OMGGGGG

my chandelier! my chandelier! my cousin had just finished installing it. and it's fabulous.

hahahahah dummy got a branch stuck to her face. i laughed at her for a good two minutes before i pulled it off.

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  1. is that dad wearing a hockey jersey in the background of the chandelier picture?! haaa hahahahaha


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