Tuesday, February 14, 2012

What's on L's Phone?!


when husbands are annoying: that is an enchilada-sauce handprint. on a freshly washed bath towel. BATH TOWEL. like, c'mon man, do you WANT me to yell?? 

 ohmygosh. that mess of JJ's clothes in the background. sorrrrrryyyyy. ok. so i had a job interview yesterday. i felt good about it and i should get the job. however, it ended up being extremely awkward. who hires a 5-months pregnant woman?! even though it's 2012 and everything. the world just isn't fair. anyway, i addressed the elephant in the room at the end of the interview and they said "congratulations," but mostly i think i just made everyone uncomfortable with my obvious belly. also, even dressed like a man in all black, it's really REALLY hard to hide the basketball under my shirt! since i had an interview i feel productive. good job, self.

a lovely gift wrapped by 8-year-old M. two layers of wrapping paper, two separate ribbons and fully entwined in double-sided tape. 

my Dad picked up a little something for Cleo at the Gonzaga bookstore. hahaha so cute! he also got a little matching onesie for JimmyFrank when HeShe comes out.

 JJ surrounded by lots of love. if you're wondering why JJ looks like a zombie, keep in mind that we were woken up at 6 a.m. with little P in her crib screaming "LLLLLLL! I'M AWAAAAAKE! COME AND GET MEEEEE!" Little P is ob-SESSED with Cleo, as you can gather from this picture. there were tears and protests and dramatic foot stamps when Cleo left on Sunday after lunch.

because every time i eat at SF, i have to post a pic. droooooooooooooL. i went twice and kicked myself for not getting a sandie to-go. 

my special Valentine from the kiddies.

me, Cle and JF

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  1. Hahaha! Does it freak you out if in my head me and my husb are BF's with you and JJ? Because it should. But it's true...we have too much in common..that towel thing is so Chris too.


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