Tuesday, February 21, 2012

what's on L's phone?!

Valentines from my Mom and Dad! we also got a package from JJ's parents. we were quite loved on hearts day.

 Lola666 lounging on her new couch


24.5 weeks

JJ spilled his half n half in the shape of Mickey. like a small reminder that Disneyland really misses me.

me, Cleo and Dad.

JJ got a coffee in Ellensburg on our way home. and his cup said "Alberto" and then it was crossed out. hahahahahahaa

obsessed with this bright orange wallet. miiiiight be a little inappropriate to use whilst pregnant, but i don't even care. i love it. and i will wine and dine the shit out of myself once baby comes.

she's like a character from Mean Girls. pretty and evil. i got 2 minutes of snuggle time here before she attacked me. and, after much deliberation and flashes of the siamese cats from lady & the tramp, we decided Chanel would not be the best household member when the baby comes. she is happy at my parents' house, so she will stay there.

 my own sexy personal driver

we all went to a movie and left the doggies at home. they were so cute and so sad, looking out the window and watching us leave. (side note: the Christmas lights are in the process of being taken down hahah)


  1. Where is the orange wine and dine clutch from? Super cute!

  2. thanks :) it's rebecca minkoff-- i found it at nordstrom rack!

  3. Chanel=a character from Mean Girls. SO TRUE! hahahahahahaha

  4. omg! at first i thought jj's cream looked like...cream. lol


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