Tuesday, February 28, 2012

what's on L's phone?!

25.5 weeks

i have SO many accidents to look forward to.

you tell me: what on this earth is more exciting than a weenie-mobile spotting?!?!? 

love a random Mark Twain quote.

Cleo looks so smug.

100,000! and we're still having trouble...

 i have never in my life seen someone be so indecisive than JJ in a bookstore. (except maybe my sister CA in a Claire's store circa 1997). after flipping through 14 books, he FINALLY picked one and as we were stepping onto the elevator, he said "nope. no. can't read this. i just spotted the words 'war against worlds...' i can't read that shit." so back to the drawing board we went. then he FINALLY picked another one and we went down the elevator to check out. only then he saw a discounted books table. so he had to stop and look through those for about 20 minutes. then i said, "OK MAN I'M LEAVIN!" and got in line. whereinwhich he changed his mind 4 times before settling on his original book.

thinking really hard about the life-altering decision of which book to read.

me and Cleo loungin'

 what's my obsession with the kissy face this week?

 on the lookout for pirates obviously.

Sam's dog Bella at the beach.

 Sam and i went to brunch sans husbands on sunday. and we went to a place JJ has never been. and whenever this happens, he makes me take a picture of the eggs benedict and send it to him so he can decide "if the hollindaise sauce is real or from a can." aye yi yi.


  1. Peeing my pants totally got way worse for a few weeks after giving birth, but now I'm right as rain {you wanted to know this I'm sure}. So, it is possible to make a full recovery from your urinary incontinence. :)

    So funny your hubs makes you take pics of eggs benedict, can he really tell from a picture whether its the "real thing" or not?

  2. The text pic was pretty epically funny :) Keagles are supposed to help with that, but you may find that its not an issue a few months after baby is born-

    And the names- We had 2 books friends gave us and oh man it was hard to figure out names- names because we had twins so it was finding 2 equally as awesome and perfect names... and middle names, both girls too.... it was hard, but you will figure i out :) have fun with it!

  3. OMG I laughed SO LOUD when I read the text with your mom - it's true, no one warns you but it will never go away... Your belly is adorable though!


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