Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Best Pregnancy Dress Ever

The Best Pregnancy Dress Ever: Liz Lange for Target, sweater: JC Penney, leather jacket: Hollister, scarf: H&M, shoes: Tory Burch, sunglassess: AE

well look at that! my belly button's out. 

not much fits this body shape anymore. my nice Mom bought me some pretty maternity clothes so i don't have to keep wearing the same thing over and over. isn't that nice? and i also bought myself this dress. and i am completely obsessed with it. SERIOUSLY. i love it. it's so comfortable and stretchy and flattering. it hugs JF just right. if you are pregnant you should buy it RIGHT NOW. i'm going to wear it like every. single. day. from here on out. and the best thing about it is that it's the perfect basic! it looks good with anything and everything. sooooo since i practically live in The Best Pregnancy Dress Ever, you miiiiight be seeing it every day often until JF comes out. but don't worry, i will make sure to style it in different ways. 

ummmm. APPARENTLY i'm a bit of a slob when i eat. because my belly is now a crumb catching shelf. i have to dust it off after every meal. really i should just keep the dust buster near me at all times. just last week i had to spray stain remover on my own belly after i ate spaghetti. OMG! i'm so embarrassing. JJ can't take me out anywhere. 

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  1. just found your blog and think your absolutely fascinating (in a funny, interesting, cute but not creepy kinda way), you have the best baby body ive seen and i deathly hope mine comes along the same way (only 6 weeks so far so we;ll find out what happens). you have great style and ive enjoyed looking at all your pictures, this dress looks great and growing through the summer i'm going to need to stock up on these. being not pregnant through spring i loved wearing jersey knit dresses, swore they are the next best thing to just being nudie.

    anyways, just wanted to stop and say hello and hope all if well with you!!!



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