Monday, March 12, 2012

the crib has arrived at our crib


the crib came! my sister M and i put it together bc my darling hubbles is simply worthless with tools. it was only five pieces though--and so easy to build. Cleo watched us the whole time, she was so curious. i have to say that having the crib in the room is solidifying the whole deal for me. the big belly has been making it quite obvious, but now that the baby's bed is in the room...i just keep picturing a tiny little bundle in there, so it's really really real. 

saturday was the last Seattle U basketball game, so i drove over to LJ and her husband's apartment where we had the best Thai takeout in all of emerald city. i'm still dreaming about the crab and creamcheese filled wontons. omg! then the three of us went to watch the game. since LJ and CM live so close to the arena, we walked to and from the game. i knew this beforehand...and...guilty guilty GUILTY: I WORE THE DANKSOS IN PUBLIC. WITH LEGGINGS. so they were obvious and apparent. and ugly. but i knew my back would be killing me if i had to walk in any other shoes. and when JJ came to visit us during the second half, the first thing he said to me was, "oh HEY, nice danskos." rude. LJ even said to me that night, "i want to try those on...just to see..." and she's not even pregnant. why are the damn ugly things SO enticing?!?!

also LJ and CM discovered the most HILARIOUS video ever and they showed me and i could NOT stop laughing. it's a real infomercial with a spoof voice over. you can watch it here. JJ and i have been quoting it all weekend. "our rubber fingers will get deep down into your hairy cracks!"

oh and my sister M made these delicious funfetti brownies she found on pinterest when she was here and the entire pan was gone in a day. so obviously i made them again on saturday morning. sadly, the whole pan is gone again. we can't even help it. they're so stupidly delicious. we had veggie burgers and fruit for dinner last night to try and balance out the obscene ingestion of so many funfetti brownies over the weekend.


  1. This is the delish thai place sort of near your hood:

    Oh and after you dropped us off Mary was like "I was hoping Lacie would come in so I could see her belly." Hahahahah I told her I would arrange a more appropriate gathering than bringing the pregnant lady to the bar.

  2. Ooooh, I want to know where you got your crib from!!! Pleeeeease :) aejamba@hotmail(dot com)

  3. YOUR CRIB IS SO PRETTY! our baby doesn't even get a crib until we move out of our little shack apartment, although i guess it's ok since he'll be sleeping with us for the first while and we got him a little tiny cradle for when we want to stick him out in the living room or when i worry about rolling over in him. still, though. cribs are so pretty! and princess cleo looks right at home in there. aaaaw. i hope your baby is a girl and our babies can be a little boyfriend/girlfriend. or i hope your baby is a boy and they can be little pals. i can't wait!

  4. So, I don't know if anyone's told you this yet, but you absolutely MUST have one of these:{keyword}

    It's amazing, SUPER easy to tote everywhere, and it literally saved my sanity MANY times. AND it's the same height as our bed, which was nice while she was still in our room (til she was 6 months... I'm super paranoid). Instead of sleeping in her cradle, she ended up sleeping in that almost every night, and when we moved her to her own room, we could just move that in there after she fell asleep so she got used to being in her nursery. The damn thing is PERFECT. Even took it to a birthday party so she could sleep when it got late. DO IT.

  5. That blog has some amazing food on it. I find myself on it almost every time I go to make one of the recipes I have pinned.

  6. That blog has some amazing food on it. I find myself on it almost every time I go to make one of the recipes I have pinned.


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