Friday, March 2, 2012

poor L pity party

today is a lazy friday. we are still in bed. and haven't much felt like getting dressed lately. JJ has officially left us to romp off to Vegas. and we may have cried a little when he left. out of sheer jealousy. plus we are a bit clingy lately.

and also, you tell me how unfair this is: last year when we went to the WCC tournament in Vegas, JJ and i shared a hotel room with his bff P-Lou. the boyz picked the hotel room and it was the TROPICANA. i mean i almost died of disgust. WELL, this year JJ and P-Lou will be LIVING LIKE KINGS IN THE 5-STAR TRUMP TOWER. asinine. life is so unfair to me. so right now i think i will eat two reese's eggs to make myself feel better.

i'm really good at whining, aren't i? 

my Mom was here Wednesday and we went antiquing! it was delightful. we got a china hutch for our dining room which is absolutely DIVINE. and it was like Christmas, unwrapping all of our china that i haven't seen since we got married. and it's so pretty. i really did pick the best china in the world. we also got a changing table and an old white trunk and a to-die-for frilly little ottoman for baby's room. i love antiques. they are the best. and it's also the best when my Mom is in town. we're always so productive and she makes me exercise.

tonight KKiss comes over for a girls night in yeeee! and tomorrow morning i'm going home so i don't have to be alone this weekend. i can at least force Chanel and my sister to hang out with me.

and now, to facilitate the poor L pity party, a few Vegas pictures that i love from one year ago:

me and Rah

the gals from Big Blue

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  1. We wish you were here!!! No ONE will get a tall drink with me, so I shall have one alone...


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