Friday, March 30, 2012

still learning

tee: Gap, tutu skirt: White House Black Market, shoes: Kelsi Dagger, pearls: Nordstrom Rack

how do i not look pregnant in that second shot? i'm so stupidly pregnant that it is really a mystery to me.

this video is SO hilarious. watch it. i laughed and i laughed and i laughed. 

i learned two things about my husband last night:

1. he has never seen Anchorman. WHAT?!?!?! i cannot even... i was talking about how great it is that they're making a sequel and i said, "i know how to play the yazz flute, do you?" and he didn't get it and he surely didn't laugh. it was really annoying. he just looked at me and said, "i've never seen Anchorman, i don't think i would like it." SHUTUPPPPPPPP EVERYONE LOVES ANCHORMAN. so. 'watch Anchorman together' is on our to-do list. 

2. he has never had the chicken pox. HOW?! HOW HAS HE NEVER HAD THE CHICKEN POX?! he never got them. but everyone got them, i don't understand how he didn't. 

we've been together for 5.5 years and married for nearly 3, yet there are things as important as Ron Burgandy and the pox that i am still learning about that crazy, crazy man. 


  1. Oh my. Favorite outfit yet, maybe. Def fave shoes.

    Make sure you get that baby vaccinated against Chicken Pox or else you will have one itchy, miserable hubby come preschool time... :)

  2. I never had chicken pox. Neither has my husband. Or my parents. Or his parents. Or any of our 6 combined brothers and sisters... if any one person in our family gets them all hell is going to break loose!

  3. My dad didn't get chickenpox as a child and then he got shingles as an adult and it's really horrible ;( maybe you can have your hubby get vaccinated. Love your outfit!
    -Marsha h.

  4. Guess what!?! I wasn't a fan of Anchorman either. I have seen it though, but just never felt the need to watch it ever again.

  5. You are stinkin' adorable! I just LOVE it.

  6. Too funny! And holy crap, I wish I looked that good pregnant! Love your blog, you are hilarious! You have a new follower!

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  8. JJ never had them because the rest of us had them all at the same time before he was born. Pops was on a business trip and poor Annie had 4 kids with chicken pox at the same time. It was misery for all involved. I had them the worst (as the oldest), and RP had them the mildest (youngest). Oh, the oatmeal baths all together. Good times...

  9. ha I remember when I had the chicken pox and you came over to visit me. ugh I have the most horrible picture of me in my underwear with my hideous glasses on miserable! Good times. O and PS I had a dream the other night that I was spending the night in your parents house and we were sleeping in the room that you had when we first met. I think whinnie the pooh was on the walls or a tree or something. Ha I'm having a great mental time thinking about old times.


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