Wednesday, March 28, 2012

two people. same shirt.

The Best Pregnancy Dress Ever: Liz Lange for Target, leather vest: Nordstrom, boots: MIA

wednesday is going to be The Best Pregnancy Dress Ever day. 

our first birth class is tonight. the teacher emailed us handouts on nutrition, which is not my best subject.  i hope she doesn't ask us to keep a journal of our meals or anything because i would just have to lie and write "spinach and broccoli and brown rice" instead of "cocoa puffs and an apple." but i did see a commercial that cocoa puffs are now made with more whole grains, soooo....really i'm fine. 

i wear athletic tees to bed. i have quite a nice little collection going. mostly from college, a few even from high school, and the obvious taylor swift/brooks & dunn concert tee thrown in there. only lately, those once comfortable athletic tees are like a straight jacket for my belly. so tight. and so constricting. athletic tees don't really stretch, ya know? so i have been wearing JJ's tshirts to bed instead. his size XL man shirts. which in my head i thought was pretty cute. they smell like him and it makes me feel like a giddy schoolgirl wearing her boyfriend's letterman jacket. then the other night we were laying in bed chatting, JJ and i. when i realized that we were wearing the EXACT same t-shirt in different colors. (JJ has a favorite: the mossimo v-neck from target. he has one in every shade) and he looked so much better in it than me. which was so annoying. like, no i don't wish to look like a giant, sloppy pot-bellied pig in an XL men's t-shirt (which i accidentally spilled macaroni and cheese on) while JJ gets to go about his day wearing a clean version of the same shirt, looking all dapper and sexy! NO! life is so unfair. 


  1. L, i've gotten to the point where all i wear to bed are underwear, which initially sounds all sexy, right? going topless an whatnot? except they're the biggest, granniest underwear i could find and i CUT THE ELASTIC off the top, so they sag down my stretched out butt but leave my belly gloriously uninhibited. and the topless thing just isn't as sexy when you waddle around to the bathroom and back and grunt as you roll over 15 times a night. but it is insanely that's good.

  2. Have fun at your birthing class! This really is the best pregnancy dress ever. You look great!

  3. HAHAHAHAHAHA--Brandilyn--too funny! Lacie Beth, your bump is a perfect, round ball...adorable. xoxo


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