Tuesday, March 27, 2012

what's on L's phone?!

i don't know why i posted this pic. like why would my readers care to see a picture of butterfinger eggs? you totally don't. but this is my blog. and these eggs occupy my mind 98% of the time currently, so post a picture of them i must! 


KKiss and me circa 2000/2001. she sent it to me via text. aren't we adorable?? look at those bangs. and i remember that tshirt. it was from the gap. it has pastel colored flowers on it and i thought it was so cool. especially paired with my light pink capri pants and doc marten sandals. 

i'm so glad i have these boots. i felt kind of silly when i bought them living in southern California, but now that we're in Seattle...really i wear them at least once a week. they're obviously necessary for the rain, but they've turned out to be perfect for the dog beach too.

sunbathing beauty! 

i don't know. it's a bird in flight. i felt artsy for taking it.  

my two faves.  

we took advantage of the sun. we sat in our rockers in silence like a coupla old people and read all weekend.  


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