Thursday, April 26, 2012


skirt: F21, tee: Liz Lange, hoodie: Alternative Earth, Converse shoes

this is a comfy outfit. only i always trip when i wear Converse. i don't know why. and the combination of a big belly, a long skirt and Converse is sort of a trifecta for disaster. JJ's mom even called me last week just to say, "i worry about you wearing the long skirts. i don't want you to fall again." this is definitely an outfit that would condone a fall. ok i'm changing. like right now. into stretchy maternity leggings (shocker!) 

people with no sense of humor drive me nuts. like c'mon, would it kill you to have a giggle? GHODDDD. our birth class instructor doesn't ever joke or laugh. it's so annoying. how can you not laugh when you're talking about pooping while giving birth? that's funny shit right there, lady. 

last night she went around the class asking everyone for an update on their pregnancy and when it was our turn i said jokingly, "well i'm harboring a beast in here! baby is measuring big and is growing in the 88th percentile." and she looked very seriously at me and said, "we want to make sure we don't use terms like 'beast' in front of our babies, because it's a negative word, and our babies pick up on negativity." OMG, seriously?! COME ONNNNN i'm not going to call the baby "Beast" to its face, calm dowwwwn! 


  1. Time to switch birthing classes! I bet her 34 kids are miserable little things- and her 12 year old is still breastfeeding.

  2. I'm "friends" with a girl on facebook who just gave birth and she posts a ridiculous amount of baby/mother articles. She posted one yesterday titled, "Elimination Communication". It's about diaper-free living. C'MON is that REALLY a thing???


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