Friday, April 13, 2012


dress: Marshall's, sandals: Nectar, sweater: Target

i went to the doctor on tuesday and learned that my uterus is measuring 4 cm large. FOUR. so i had an ultrasound on wednesday and it turns out JF is a big one, measuring 2.5 weeks early, growing in the 88th percentile and already weighs 5 pounds 10 ounces. that is one giant bebe. plus i have a lot of amniotic fluid. which equals a ridiculously large midsection. and the reason behind all the "OMG WHEN ARE YOU DUE?! LIKE TOMORROW?!" comments. i have an amazonian mammoth in me. whyyyyyy?!?!? please please please JF come out early before you weigh 15 pounds and permanently damage my lady parts. 

you guys. we have a raccoon. looks like JJ's weird obsession with them has jinxed us. i technically haven't seen it. but the plumber came to my house this morning (just please. my kitchen sink busted. but it's fixed now) and he said he saw a giant raccoon in our driveway, so he waited inside his truck until it ran away. he said it would eat Cleo in an instant (!!!) because raccoons are fearless beasts. so now every time i go outside, this ominous, dark aura follows me and constantly warns me of Cleo's hypothetically impending death via rabid raccoon claw.

have you heard of this bestseller book 50 Shades of Grey? i started it and wheewwwwwwwie! is it ever hot and heavy! quite the lusty read--and just in time for a smutty summer beach favorite. 

enjoy this friday the 13th! and don't see a black cat if you can help it. the sun is shining in Shoreline today and Rah is coming to town for girls' weekend '12! while there won't be rummy bears or shots of tequila for ol' L and JF, i am so excited to have a lovely little tryst with the gals in Seattle. i'm even making chocolate chip cookies. from SCRATCH. 


  1. this 50 shades of gray is like the rage right now! i'm hearing about it all over the place. def picking it up this weekend.

  2. Just discovered your blog, it's great! And you look amazing!

    love from Belgium,


  3. the cookies were ever so EPIC! Just as GW2012 was. Loved celebrating you, JF and us gals. Cheers to tradition and JF's birthday (come quick baby! :)

  4. Just finished Fifty Shades of Grey... make me laugh and cry and left me stranded. I was unaware it was a trilogy until I couldn't tap my screen and get more pages (I had reached the end of the book :( !!!

    Anyway, off to read the next one in the trilogy and I hope it is just as exciting as the first!


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