Monday, April 30, 2012

the last of the pre-baby things

dress: Liz Lange for Target, boots: Steve Madden

35 weeks! big mama!

this weekend was a mixture of fabulous and frightening. frightening was saturday. poor Cleobaby had 3 seizures so we had to take her to the emergency vet. she has a heart murmur and may be epileptic. it was so sad. did you know there are cardiovascular vet specialists? that's real. sigh. that puppy is such a lemon! 

fabulous was sunday! my baby shower in Selah! sister M threw me the most beautiful shower! and of course i didn't take any pictures--i'm absolutely terrible. it was so fun, and JJ and i are seriously so lucky to have most everything we need for JF. my parents got us the fancy stroller! so exciting! my dad and i struggled immensely putting it together last night, but it's quite the nice set of wheels. i even took Cleo for a stroll around the house in it. the shower was overwhelmingly perfect. it was so great to see so many people i love in one place, all there for me and JF. i loved it. thank you thank you thank you to everyone for coming! we are so blessed to have you all. 

yesterday afternoon after the shower every member of my family was dressed in matching pajamas, a fake pine tree was put up with little twinkly lights, and our traditional Christmas pull-aparts breakfast was made. we even had on a little Alabama Christmas music until we decided it was a little too weird. why was all of this done, you may ask? i wrote another story for Guideposts, this time a humor piece about how my sister M's dog Hank ruined Christmas (but not really). anyway, a photographer came to my parents house and we staged the event. everyone was quite grumpy with me that they were going in a national magazine wearing matching PJs. i reminded them that i win the unlucky award because i'm going in a national magazine 8 months pregnant with the matching PJs. 

it was a beautiful weekend (aside from Cleo's little health scare), and now all the pre-baby trips are over (we had to cancel the babymoon on account of JF's large, large self if he/she decides to come early). so now we wait. we wait for JF to come. omg. 


  1. Hi L,

    You are hilarious and I love your blog! I just wanted to comment on this post because I had a scare with both my dogs a couple months back where they were both having seizures at least once a week, it was terrifying! After going to the vet and doing TONS of research on the Internet we found out that it could be their food (Purina Beneful). So I switched their food over to Blue Wilderness and the results have been amazing! Not one seizure since the switch (thank God) and my older baby who has hip problems is acting like a puppy again! I don't know if any of this could help your situation with Cleo but I figured I'd share just in case :) Good luck with everything and I hope the rest of your fashionable pregnancy goes perfectly!

  2. excited for you to meet your babe, finally, right!? best of luck sweets! and it is NOT FAIR to the rest of womankind how hot and sexy you look this far along!! :P you're rockin' that dress chica!

  3. thanks for the compliments gals! and keri ann--thanks for the doggie tips, i will definitely give blue a try for miss cleo :)

  4. You seriously look so so so so fabulous!!!! You're getting so close, I'm so excited for you!


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