Thursday, April 26, 2012

L's pregnancy essentials

here are my top ten pregnancy essentials, enjoy!

The Best Pregnancy Dress Ever. so flattering, so versatile, SO comfortable. 

my cup. i'm OBSESSED with this cup. it goes everywhere with me. it's well-made, unlike a lot of those cheapy ones out there where the straw breaks after a week and the lid doesn't screw on right. i love the color and i love drinking out of a straw. and i'm so much better about drinking water when i have my cup with me at all times. JJ hears, "hubblestiltskinssss can you pleeeeease fill my cuppppp up with lots of ice and wattttterrrrrrrrrrrrrrr?!" like 10 times a day.  

Mama Bee Belly Butter. it is the best! i use it every time i get out of the shower and (knock on wood) no stretch marks so far! hurrah! it's mild and soft and lovely. 

heating pad! mine has completely saved my life a number of times when i thought i was literally going to die of back pain. i recommend getting one that shuts off automatically when it gets too hot, so as not to set yourself on fire if you fall asleep while using it.  

i know. SO gross. but seriously. i love these ugly damn shoes. they help immensely with back support, and are so comfortable. and my Mom pointed out that in wet Seattle weather, these slightly platformed clogs help to keep one up and above the rainy, sloppy streets. AND, it's kind of nice to just keep them by the door to slip on and off if you need to run outside. ok i need to stop. the list of "pros" is outweighing the "cons" for the Danksos, and i'm embarrassed.

TUM TUM TUM TUM TUMS! heartburn's a bitch! so i keep tums everywhere. i always have tums. they are the best. they are fast-acting and also have a nice dose of calcium. only do NOT make the mistake of getting the citrus flavor. vommmmmit. go berry or go home.

i love this book. i like the way it's written and i like the parenting style of the French. i want to be a chic French mommy! 

Old Navy maternity leggings. these are the BEST. new mommy B told me about them and they really are so ridiculously comfortable, i have been living in them. i didn't buy maternity jeans because i think they're ugly and ill-fitting unless they're designer, and i'm not about to drop $200 on a pair of full-paneled maternity jeans! leggings are just perfect. 

i struggle sitting comfortable on the couch nowadays, so i just bounce around on this ball. it's fabulous. it makes life so much easier. it's definitely coming to the hospital with us. 

it's hard not to buy real clothes when you're pregnant. really hard. like all i want to do is go and buy cute little summer dresses. but obviously i can't try anything on. so i allow myself little luxuries instead. and let me TELL YOU that diorshow blackout is the very best mascara in the world. but be forewarned: if you buy this, you'll never buy drugstore mascara again. ever. for the rest of your life. it's that good. it's so dramatically black and silky and fabulous. if you're in a fat pregnant rut, treat yourself to this treasure.


  1. i'm still living in my old navy maternity leggings! granted, i'm only 2 weeks post-baby, but still. those things are awesome. and i'm still pissed i didn't get that dress from target every time i see you wear it. aaand i NEED to get that bringing up bebe book! yours is like the 4th glowing review i've read about it.

  2. you know what they say, heartburn during pregnancy means a baby with lots of hair =D


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