Monday, April 23, 2012

princess for the weekend

Jason Wu for Target dress, Sperry topsiders

we are back from our last trip to California before baby. i told JJ on the plane, "enjoy this silent, relaxing paradise flight. because next time we're gonna be 'The People with the Baby that Everyone Hates'" my wonderful sisters-in-law threw me a lovely baby shower on saturday and it was perfect! sister E organized the fun games, sister S hosted in her backyard and made delicious desserts and sister C offered up her expertise in the kitchen to make the yummy food. Nel even drove all the way from the Cucamongross! all the love for me and JF was touching, it was perfect!

and yesterday i became officially Catholic. JJ's great uncle Bishop Joe made it very special and now i can take communion instead of putting my hands criss-cross over my chest for a blessing. although the very first time i went home with JJ to meet his family, i went to church and took communion like an idiot even though i wasn't supposed to. so his parents thought JJ had gone and found himself a nice Catholic girl--hahahahaa i'm so dumb. anyway, his Mom threw a nice party for my confirmation/first communion and once again i was showered with love and support. i felt so special all weekend!

also, as we were walking from the airport to the shuttle last night, i made sure to pick up my feet really high so as not to eat shit again, and ended up walking around like a show pony. i avoided falling, though. 

it's a beautiful day in Shoreline, so Cleo and i are off to the beach for some plundering like the pirates we are.


  1. "a show pony" hahahaa.. i'm picturing it now. sounds like a lovely get-away. :)

  2. Lacie - Congrats on becoming Catholic! Welcome to family/community. :) I'm so excited for you and JJ.

    XOXO. -Alli O.

  3. Congrats on becoming Catholic :) Can Aunty Low get an invite to the baptism if it's in Seattle?

  4. WOW! The dress is perfect. Hooray for Kapolei Target!


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