Friday, April 27, 2012


skirt: UO, top: J.Crew, jacket; Tulle, boots: MIA, sunglasses: Betsey

i made the terrible mistake of leaving my hair dryer in CA. JJ's mom mailed it to me but it's not here yet, so i've been rocking crack whore hair all week. i hope you can appreciate it. i love how my belly is hanging out under the lowest ruffle on this shirt hahahahahaaa so ridiculous. 

last night as we were getting into bed, i smelled a sour smell. i said to JJ "oh no, i think Cleo has another ear infection, so typical." and he said, "why do you say that?" and i said, "because it smells sort of sour, and usually that means Cleo's ears are to blame." and he threw back his head and laughed. i stared at him and waited expectantly. "WHAT?! WHAT IS SO FUNNY?!"


"i just stuck my finger in my bellybutton and itched it!!!! that's why it smells!!! HAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHH"



i hate him.

after i almost THREW UP, i got to thinking: how will i ever survive if JF is a boy and there's two disgusting males in my house that i have to deal with? 

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